Tory MP Claims Older People Are 'More Reliable And Able To Spell'

Michael Fabricant MP.
Michael Fabricant MP.

Michael Fabricant MP.

A Tory MP has claimed older people are “more punctual” and “able to spell” compared to youngsters.

Michael Fabricant also claimed that older people are more “dedicated” and “reliable”.

The Lichfield MP made the comments in the Commons during work and pensions questions on Monday.

He listed the qualities of adults aged 50 as he urged the government to do more to support them back into employment.

“Does my right honourable friend agree with me that older people on the whole tend to be more punctual, tend to be more dedicated, tend to be more reliable, tend to be able to spell,” he said.

“What is my right honourable friend doing to tell employers that these are the very factors that needs to employ them?”

Barry Sheerman, the longest continuously serving MP and the oldest Labour MP in the current parliament, drew laughs as he said: “Can I add my voice to this call for using talented people who are over 50 as I’m approaching that stage myself…”

The Huddersfield MP added: “Now I have to say that some of the very best years of my life at work were after 50 in terms of the number of jobs that have been able to do, the new schemes, social enterprise.

“I know many people just waiting for that second chance to contribute to our economy and to social enterprise if he gives them the right incentive.”

Work and pensions minister Guy Opperman replied: “I agree with him. There is life in the old dog yet, as they say.

“And more particularly, it is very important that we continue to make the case that employment for over 50s is something that should be supported by all employers.”