Tory MP Lee Anderson Rinsed Over Tweet Telling Republican Protesters To 'Emigrate'

Deputy chair of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson.
Deputy chair of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson.

Deputy chair of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson.

Tory MP Lee Anderson has been accused of trying to “cancel” republican protesters after he told them to leave the country.

The deputy chairman of the Conservative Party told anti-monarchy activists to “emigrate” rather than exercise their right to protest.

He made the comments after dozens of protesters were arrested during King Charles’s coronation.

Sharing an article on the arrests on Twitter, the MP for Ashfield wrote: “Not My King?

“If you do not wish to live in a country that has a monarchy the solution is not to turn up with your silly boards. The solution is to emigrate.”

Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of the hardline MP’s comments given he has previously railed against “cancel culture”.

One person commented: “Telling people who don’t agree with you to leave the country is about as ‘cancel culture’ as it gets.”

Jonathan Harris, a Lib Dem councillor in West Northamptonshire, tweeted: “30 p Lee – Idiot on display. You took the rights away for British people to live and work across the EU, and forget that great democracies are built on and absolutely allow the right to peaceful protest.”

Another described him as being a “liability” when being “this ludicrous” while one drily commented: “If you are leaving your country because you oppose its political system, Mr Anderson will, I’m sure, follow that logic and be the first to welcome you when you arrive at Dover.”

One pointed out: “Deputy chair of the Conservative party rejects freedom of speech.”

Meanwhile, one Twitter user told him: “I think you’re forgetting that the people protesting are the people of this country, they deserve to be able to freely express what they want for their country without being arrested.”

However, some did back Anderson’s view including fellow Tory MP Kevin Hollinrake who wrote: “Quite right Lee Anderson - time and a place for everything. Wrong time, wrong place.”

The Metropolitan Police Service has faced criticism after more than 50 people were arrested for alleged affray, public nuisance and breach-of-the-peace offences.

The arrests were described by human rights organisations as a “dangerous precedent” for a democratic nation.

It is not the first time Anderson has proved controversial, having previously called for the return of the death penalty and claiming people on Universal Credit were not in poverty.

Anderson is a former coal miner who was a Labour councillor in Ashfield before he defected to the Conservative Party in 2018 and went on to serve as a Tory councillor in Mansfield.

He has been dubbed “30p Lee” for claiming that meals could be prepared for that sum and suggesting people using food banks could not budget.

He recently clashed with Met Police commissioner Mark Rowley over the force’s handling of protests, telling him to “leave his ivory tower” to deal with demonstrators in Westminster.

Under the controversial new Public Order Act, protesters who have an object with the intention of using it to “lock on” are liable to a fine, with those who block roads facing 12 months in prison.