Tory MP Michael Fabricant hits back at 'unknown' colleague over wig jibe

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has hit back at a fellow Tory politician who appeared to mock him for wearing a wig.

Fabricant, whose trademark hairstyle has long been the subject of attention and speculation, called on Huw Merriman to act in ‘a more grown-up way’.

He was commenting after seeing posts on social media which showed Merriman pointing at Fabricant behind his backand saying ‘it’s a wig’ several times to another Tory MP, Kelly Tolhurst.

It happened as Fabricant spoke during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

‘Huw is pretty short-sighted, he’s a relatively new member of Parliament – bless – he didn’t know that PMQs is actually televised,’ Fabricant, who is the MP for Lichfield and has been in Parliament cince 1992, told the BBC.

‘It’s a wig.’ Tory MPs discuss Michael Fabricant’s hair’And I’m sure if he did, he would have behaved in a more grown-up way.’

Fabricant also hit back on Twitter, adding for good measure that nobody knew who Merriman was .

Merriman, was elected in 2015 as the MP for Bexhill and Battle, did not comment added the BBC.

His pointing and talking about his colleague’s hair was first picked up on Parliament TV cameras and then widely shared on Twitter.

Fabricant, 68, is seen as one of the more interesting characters in Parliament and has previously admitted that he had undergone ‘enhancement of the follicular area’.

Fabricant has been a MP since 1992 (PA)
Fabricant has been a MP since 1992 (PA)

However, he has denied wearing a wig.

Fabricant even addressed his blond locks on a recent appearance on Celebrity First Dates.

The bisexual MP was accused of wearing a wig and replied: ‘It’s me, my hair is me, and if you like it great if you don’t hard luck.’

He also went on a naked bike ride last year to raise money for a hospice charity.

Fabricant also had to apologise in 2014 after he said he would like to punch a female journalist in the throat after watching her on a television debate.