Tory peer condemns ‘excusing’ rape in Israel: ‘It’s me too, unless you’re a Jew’

A Conservative peer has spoken out against people excusing or denying sexual violence perpetrated against Israelis on October 7, saying: “It’s me too, unless you’re a Jew.”

Former pensions minister Baroness Altmann condemned the “rape, wanton assault and torture” of women and children by Hamas in their deadly attack.

Her comments came after a UN report published yesterday found there is “reasonable grounds to believe” sexual violence, including gang rape, took place in the October 7 attack.

The report also found there to be “convincing evidence” that hostages held in Gaza have been subjected to sexual violence, including rape and sexualised torture.

Lady Altmann said: “In particular, I am exercised about the sexual violence that is also being excused – there is no excuse for rape, wanton assault and torture of Israeli women and children. Rape is not resistance.

“Hamas filmed and glorified its pogrom and violation of Jewish women, yet western supporters here and other countries ignore this.

“Sisters Uncut claimed report of Hamas sex attacks amounted to Islamophobia and racist weaponisation of sexual violence.

“Women’s groups who rail against such attacks on all other women have stayed silent. It seems it is me too, unless you’re a Jew.”

Lady Altmann, who is an Orthodox Jew herself, is vice president of the Jewish Leadership Council.