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(PA Wire)

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A TikTok expert and journalist has called the Tories’ election campaign launch on the platform ‘pathetic’ compared with Labour’s ‘savvier’ approach.

Chris Stokel-Walker, author of TikTok Boom: The Inside Story of the World’s Favourite App has told Tech & Science Daily that the Tories are missing the mark on the social platform, with ‘pretty dull’ content.

He said Labour’s content has been more natural, and more native to the platform, and he believes the Conservatives won’t ‘get on track’ with how to post effectively on TikTok.

A report from MPs says the next government should consider banning phones for under-16s.

The Education Committee also said it should consult on raising the age of digital consent (the age at which children can consent to their personal data being processed) from 13 to 16.

The group argued that screen time was harmful to children’s mental and physical health, and both schools and parents needed clear guidance from the government on the issue.

North Korea’s latest attempt to put a reported spy satellite into orbit, has failed in a mid-air explosion.

Japanese broadcaster NHK ran footage of what appeared to be a flaming projectile in the night sky, which it said was recorded at the time of the launch.

The official Korean Central news agency said “an expert review concluded that the cause of the accident was the operational reliability of the newly developed liquid oxygen and oil engine”.

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence firm xAI has raised $6 billion to help bring the startup’s “first products to market”.

So far, xAI has already launched Grok, a chatbot that is only available for premium users of the X social platform.

The company is reportedly planning to build its own AI supercomputer that will power Grok by late next year.

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