Tourist destinations pay you £4,000 a month to go and work there

Experts have revealed a range of exotic destinations worldwide where people can get paid to travel and work at the same time - even after Brexit. Teaching English as a foreign language has long been a popular adventure thanks to the ability to travel the world while also earning up to £4,000 a month.

While the UK leaving the European Union has made it more difficult to do in previously popular countries such as Spain and France, there remains an abundance of opportunities in hotspots such as the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. And Connor O’Donoghue, co-director of DC Teacher Training, has named Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan among the destinations British teachers will flock to this year.

He said: “Pursuing a career in teaching English as a foreign language opens up so many amazing adventures for so many people, and it changed my life when I did it when I was younger. It is seen as an incredibly attractive route for people who want to scratch the itch to travel, while also being able to earn money and create lifelong memories along the way.

“There’s no doubt Brexit has made it more difficult for UK passport holders to secure work in popular European countries such as Spain, Italy and France, as now it can’t be done without getting a working visa. However, there are a whole range of exotic destinations across the world where securing work can be done easily after completing a well-recognised teaching certificate, such as CELTA.

“In 2024, I expect to see Dubai and Saudi Arabia among the most popular destinations thanks to the attractive tax-free salaries, while locations such as Thailand, Brazil and Japan will always be popular for those who fancy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

Anyone who wants to secure a role teaching English abroad often first completes a recognised English teaching certificate course to equip them with the skills to instruct non-native speakers. As it requires a minimum of 120 teaching hours, it can take part-time students around 10-12 weeks to complete, meaning those hoping to travel this summer should be enrolling in courses as soon as possible.

However, some schools such as DC Teacher Training offer intensive full-time courses spanning just four weeks. Once they have completed the course, graduates can apply for a range of roles teaching English around the world.

Salaries can vary from country to country, with posts in Dubai and Saudi Arabia fetching up to £4,000 per month. Meanwhile, teachers can earn up to £3,000 in Japan, while jobs in Thailand and Vietnam can be around the £1,750 mark.

Schools often offer a range of incentives to British applicants, such as help with relocating, free accommodation, visa support and good local salaries. Roles can last from a matter of weeks, which is ideal for teachers wanting to experience different countries, to an entire school year.

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