Tourist tax - Full list of destinations as Tenerife threatens to charge UK travellers

Crowded beach in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Crowded beach in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife -Credit:Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Canary Islands have been in the news recently due to anti-tourism sentiment from locals and a tourist tax could be introduced for UK travellers.

Protests have broken out in Tenerife, with graffiti telling UK tourists to 'go home' appearing across various sites.

Locals have voiced concerns over increasing prices and overtourism. Brits have now been informed that they may be subject to a new tourist tax in an effort to reduce visitor numbers to the popular destination.

The tax could be introduced from January 2025. It will charge tourists for visiting specific attractions rather than the entire island.

Tenerife would not be the first location to introduce a tourist tax. Many other countries currently charge tourists upon entry.



Tourists visiting Barcelona are required to pay a tourist tax, which was increased in April. They now need to pay 3.25 euros (£2.75) per night.


Tourists must pay a tourist tax to visit the wider Catalonia area, with charges varying depending on the type of accommodation they are staying at.

Balearic Islands

Tourists are required to pay a tax to visit the Balearic Islands. Charges vary depending on the type of accommodation you are staying at and the time of year you visit.


In Italy, many cities impose a tourist tax which is usually added to your hotel bill as a nightly charge. Venice has recently begun charging day-trippers a fee of five euros (£4.23) in a contentious new scheme aimed at reducing the number of visitors.


Several destinations in Portugal, including Lisbon and Porto, levy a tourist tax of two euros (£1.69) per night.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam boasts one of the world's priciest tourist taxes, with visitors paying 12.5% of their accommodation cost in tax.


In France, the tourist tax varies and is charged per night, depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Ahead of the Summer Olympics, Paris has increased its tourist tax, with the highest fee applicable to guests staying at palace accommodations.


The tourist tax in Germany varies across cities and destinations. In Berlin and Cologne, it stands at 7.5% of the accommodation cost.


In response to the climate crisis, Greece has introduced a resilience fee that fluctuates based on the type of accommodation and the season.