Towie star James Argent shows off new look as fans say he looks like Grease's Danny Zuko

James Argent
James Argent showed off his new look -Credit:INSTAGRAM

James 'Arg' Argent certainly turned heads with a striking photoshoot, showing off his muscular arms in a tight vest top. The snapshot revealed the marked change in the TV personality's physique after his impressive weight loss journey.

The former TOWIE star, 36, shared the image on Instagram, which was taken during a shoot at Woodford Green in Essex. James, who initially gained fame on The Only Way is Essex in 2010, was gleefully displaying his buff arms in a black vest and matching joggers.

His look was completed with black shoes and well-groomed hair. His large Instagram following couldn't help but rush to compliment him with comparisons such as "Arg", his nickname amongst his Towie castmates, likening him to John Travolta's iconic Grease character, Danny Zuko. Fans also deduced that the photo was taken at Lydia Bright's home.

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One admirer observed, "You're looking really well. Glad that the booze doesn't rule the roost any more", lauding James for his lifestyle overhaul, reports the Mirror.

In April 2024, James had spoken about his weight journey. The star revealed his goal to put on weight after shedding an astonishing 14 stone thanks to a sleeve gastrectomy operation and major lifestyle changes.

He regularly updates fans on his workouts via social media and even participated in the Brighton Marathon in February, running his "longest distance in 12 years".

One fan responded: "you would make a great Danny in Greece. Danny Zuko vibes", while another opines, "Giving John Travolta." An enthusiastic follower added: "Jeeeeez man like Danny Zuko. You gonna have to be singin 'Grease' tunes on your next set."

"Ooo you're at Lydia's ! ! !", noticed another, who followed up with, "I know you two are just friends now, but my little heart leapt at this photo. There's still a million of us out there, that would love to see you too back together. But yes I get it, you've moved on . . . but still ? ! Sorry can't help it !"

Lydia Bright herself chipped in on the comments, confirming her hand in James' latest photoshoot: "Last photo shoot I am ever doing for you. It only took 100 shots", she quipped with a laughing emoji.

Ex-lovers Lydia and Arg had a rollercoaster relationship until 2016 filled with several challenges, including James tallying up all the women he'd been unfaithful to her with.

The drama escalated dramatically in 2017 when Lydia discovered James had slept with both her and Gemma Collins, his later girlfriend, on the same day.

In an exclusive interview with Closer Magazine last October, Lydia revealed that she and James have managed to remain good friends despite their tumultuous relationship. "I'm a big believer in never holding onto anger everything in your life has happened for a reason", she said.

"I'd never have even done TOWIE if it wasn't for James. I will always be grateful for what he did for me in my life, and we've always remained very good friends. We've been through so much together."