Tragic Mallorca Lee's final message turned into song by close friend

-Credit: (Image: Dirt Comms)
-Credit: (Image: Dirt Comms)

Mallorca Lee’s final message to fans has been turned into a song by collaborator and friend Ross Ferguson.

Released with the full blessing of Mall’s wife and kids, the song - Love a Little - takes his words and weaves them into a narrative inspired by the impact on his family, friends and fans – and the legacy those words of love have left.

Founder of Ayrshire techno group Ultra Sonic in 1991, Stevenston's Mallorca died in February following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Ross, a close friend and the voice of Mallorca’s last two albums, said: “Mall really touched a lot of people around the world with those words. As always he just said the right thing so powerfully, so simply.

“He wanted all of us, his friends and family, to look out for each other and take lessons from what happened to him, how fast things changed.

“That was Mall – he was always thinking about everyone else. Even in those moments.

“So that’s what we’ve done – helping each other through it and just life in general.

“And it’s funny, when any of us are talking, it’s like he’s there with us. It’s a thing he has done, created these bonds.

“I was talking to a couple of the guys and something just sank in. I came off the call and the song just poured out.

“Once again, Mall was there.”

The first taste of the EP, Love A Little, is out now and it is described as “a stunning, agonisingly heartfelt yet incredibly inspiring outpouring of emotion which stemmed from the words of the DJ, producer, MC and artist”.

Andy Haldane, who introduced Mall and Ross back in 2010 and has worked closely with the pair throughout, was chosen to produce the single after the duo performed together at Mall’s funeral.

Love a Little’s chorus contains Mallorca’s final message to his fans: “Love, that’s all we really have, our one true currency. So tell the ones around you what they mean.”

Ross added: “I’d love this song to resonate with people not for me, but for the message. Mall’s message.

“This thing he’s done for his group of close friends is incredible – he’s really changed all of us.

“Some of us didn’t know each other well and now we have this super close connection – Mallorca – and we’re all in it together.

“Of course we’re all trying to look out for Maria, Oceano and Angel – he asked us all individually to do that too.

“I hope like we all have, people can take this in and realise life is fast, man, it’s fleeting. It’s temporary.

“So like he said… TELL people how you feel. Please. Be more Mall.”

Ross returns to virtual record stores with a new five-track EP in September with a teaser single set to drop in August.

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