Trailer for new BBC drama from Brassic creator starring Michelle Keegan

michelle keegan, ten pound poms
Michelle Keegan's new BBC drama gets trailer

Michelle Keegan's new BBC drama Ten Pound Poms has dropped its first trailer, which shows the actress setting sail for a better life in Australia.

Along with the teaser trailer, an official air date has been announced: May 14.

Ten Pound Poms sees Keegan reunited with Brassic writer Danny Brocklehurst and also stars Andor's Faye Marsay and Luther actor Warren Brown.

michelle keegan, ten pound proms

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The show explores the true story of British migration to Australia after World War II for the price of only £10, and the trailer reveals that it could have been smoother for those who made the long journey, with their dream homes looking far from what was advertised.

Opening with a TV advert which says: "Australia, build a bright future," Keegan's character Kate Thorne can be seen getting ready to board the vessel to take her to the land down under as she says: "I can't believe we are actually doing this."

Brown's character Terry Roberts arrives at the port with his family, exclaiming: "Here we go then, the start of our new lives."

ten pound poms,peter finn treacy, ron rob collins, pattie hattie hook, annie faye marsay, kate michelle keegan, terry warren brown,eleven,john plattmark rogers
John Platt/Mark Rogers

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However, those hopes are soon dashed when he arrives to see what was meant to be his dream home, only to be greeted by a scene he compares to "a prisoner of war camp".

Other scenes show characters pushed to their limits as they try to create new lives and start from scratch in Australia.

ten pound proms, faye marsay as annie and warren brown as terry

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A new image released as well shows Keegan alongside cast mates Finn Treacy, Rob Collins, Hattie Hook, Marsay and Brown, all looking a mixture of excited and pensive about their upcoming new lives.

The new six-part drama will air weekly on BBC One following its premiere on May 14, with all episodes made available on iPlayer.

Ten Pound Poms will premiere on BBC One and iPlayer at 9pm on May 14, airing weekly on BBC One, with all episodes available on iPlayer immediately.

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