The Traitors champion reveals hardest part of dramatic final showdown

The Traitors champion reveals hardest part of dramatic final showdown

The Traitors champion Harry has said revealing he was a traitor to his friend Mollie in the dramatic series finale was “the hardest thing ever”.

The British Army engineer took home the whole prize pot as he made it to the final two of the hit BBC show.

His survival meant faithful disability model Mollie was left with nothing, after she chose to believe that Harry was a fellow faithful.

Appearing on spin-off show The Traitors Uncloaked, Harry was asked how it was to admit the truth.

He said: “It was the hardest thing ever. When you’re in there you think you’re just having a blast, especially when you’re a traitor, and then when you’re building genuine connections, it felt like we were there for years – and when it came to the end I wanted to say I was a faithful to make Mollie happy, but I couldn’t.”

The Traitors
Harry took all the money (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

He revealed that watching the show back was even more stressful than taking part, because he did not realise how close faithful account manager Jaz was to catching him out.

He said: “Watching it back, I had shaky legs, I was on the edge of my seat.

“In the game, all I saw was my plan, what I had laid out and how I wanted the game to go, but watching it back I got so lucky here, there and everywhere.”

The Traitors
Mollie was left with nothing (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

Jaz described Harry as “a baby-faced assassin”.

Asked how he never fell under suspicion of being a traitor, Harry said: “I said I was going to be an open book, it was only one lie I had to tell.

“It was a game but all I had to do was be myself 100% and treat everyone how I would want to be treated.

“I’m lucky I come across as a trustworthy person. I don’t think my mum or my other half will ever trust me again, so many red flags.”

Mollie confirmed she and Harry are now friends again, despite her claims in the final that she would never speak to him again if it was revealed he was a traitor.

She joked: “I still think he’s a faithful to be honest, I always will.”

She added: “I think he played an amazing game, I can’t hate him forever.”

She continued: “It was a massive shock going from thinking you’ve just won and your best mate in there to them being the traitor.”

However, the model, who has a limb difference and lives with a stoma after a colostomy, said she was happy she had used her platform to raise awareness.

She said: “Even if I didn’t win I’m happy I had that moment and I think it’s helped a lot of people.”