The Traitors: Diane confronts murderer and reveals family twist

*Spoilers for the latest episode of The Traitors follow – you have been warned.*

Diane Carson, the much-loved contestant on BBC’s The Traitors, revealed her best-kept secret after leaving Andross Castle in Thursday night’s episode.

The second series of the BBC’s hit reality show, where contestants must trick and deceive each other for the chance to win their share of up to £120,000, returned to screens earlier this month and has delighted viewers as the players have grown even more suspicious of one another.

Among the biggest revelations of the series so far was Diane’s declaration that it is not Traitor Paul who is her son… “But Ross is”. And so, Diane revealed that she had signed up for the show with her son Ross, but they were keeping their relationship a secret from the other contestants.

However, during episode seven of the series, Diane was murdered in plain sight by Traitor Miles, who gave her the poisoned chalice, while their fellow players had to deduce whodunnit during a high-stakes funeral challenge with £7,000 on the line.

After that shocking episode was aired and Diane left the competition, she appeared on The Traitors: Uncloaked, a chatshow hosted by comedian Ed Gamble. During the episode, Diane confronted her killer, Traitor Miles, who had been banished from the show shortly after her death.

It was then that Diane dramatically told Miles about her secret connection to her son Ross.

“One of the nicest things you said to me was ‘your children would be proud of you’,” Diane said to Miles, to which he agreed “they would be.”

Miles was left shocked when Diane revealed her secret (The Traitors, BBC)
Miles was left shocked when Diane revealed her secret (The Traitors, BBC)

Diane continued to tease her news, saying: “Do you know one of them particularly is proud of me?” before simply adding “Ross”.

“No way!” said a shocked Miles after Diane revealed her relationship with Ross. “Now you say it, you can see it!”

Upon finding out that Miles was indeed a Traitor, Diane called him a “wee s***.”

Then, when she learnt that another Traitor was 22-year-old army engineer Harry, Diane was blown over, and yelled: “The wee bastard!”

“That’s why you’re playing so well – they’ve picked the nicest people to be Traitors.”

Diane and her son Ross on The Traitors (BBC)
Diane and her son Ross on The Traitors (BBC)

Diane revealed that she is “so proud” of Ross for the way he has been conducting himself onThe Traitors, and that she was pleased he still remains in the game.

During the theatrics at roundtable during Thursday’s episode, viewers saw the Traitors turn on Miles and get him banished.

Paul, covering his own tracks, broke down in tears and was congratulated by the unaware Faithfuls, though fellow Traitor Harry pondered whether he was going too far with his acting.

Harry then revealed to the viewers that he has a plan: He is going along with Paul’s demand to make him believe he is in charge of the narrative, when really, Harry is ready to deceive Paul at any given moment.

Viewers were left impressed by Harry’s Traitor skills, with one fan writing on Twitter/X: “So unbelievably delicious the way Paul thinks he’s Head Traitor and Harry is just WIPING THE FLOOR WITH HIM.”

Harry on ‘The Traitors’ (BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)
Harry on ‘The Traitors’ (BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

One fan hailed Harry “the perfect” Traitor because he is “making it so easy and effortless”.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the remaining Traitors – Paul and Harry – had decided to recruit a new Traitor, but it was not revealed who they had picked. Viewers quickly observed that Harry had pushed the idea of recruiting so that he would have another Traitor to eventually turn on and mislead the Faithfuls.

One fan wrote: “At this point, give Harry the money. Plotting to double cross Paul and the next Traitor they recruit!”

The Traitors airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 9pm on BBC One.