The Traitors' Jaz explains why he doesn't regret his game plan

The Traitors' Jaz Singh doesn't regret his game plan throughout the second series.

In nerve-shredding scenes airing on BBC One last month, Harry Clarke convinced Mollie Pearce that he wasn't the remaining Traitor (spoiler: he definitely was) at the final round table, leading to the elimination of Faithful Jaz, who'd kept his cards close to his chest despite having suspicions about Harry.

"I'm very fortunate actually to come out of the experience knowing that I have a clean conscience and I'm so comfortable with how I played the game," he told RadioTimes.

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Paul Chappells - BBC

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"If you go too early with somebody, it will backfire. If you go too late, you're out of the game.

"So, once you've got this certain information, hold it and just take time to reflect on who you need to talk to and when you need to reveal your cards and think about the long term because it's not a sprint – it's a marathon, that game."

Not only did Jaz identify eventual The Traitors champion Harry for what he truly was, the star also successfully uncloaked Paul Gorton as a Traitor earlier in the series.

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Llara Plaza - BBC

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As for any tips he could pass on to future contestants, Jaz had this to share: "My advice is only for Faithfuls, and that is to ensure that you're not too close with people and the other contestants, because you all automatically start forming a clique, which can backfire.

"And whatever you do, don't be too far apart because if you're too far apart, then people will think, 'Why is that person not providing me with the same level of attention or courtesy or effort?'

"You've got to be that sweet spot in the middle so everyone thinks, 'Oh that person is consistent, they have an opinion, let's respect it'".

The Traitors series 1-2 are streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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