The Traitors’ Jaz shares advice for future Faithfuls

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The Traitors’ Jaz advice for future FaithfulsPaul Chappells - BBC

The Traitors spoilers follow.

The Traitors finalist Jaz Singh has shared some advice for future Faithfuls.

A Faithful throughout the game, Jaz made it to the final of series 2 alongside Mollie Pearce, Evie Morrison, Harry Clark and Andrew Jenkins.

Dubbed 'Jazatha Christie' for his impressive ability at sniffing out Traitors, Jaz almost made it to the very end of the game before he was banished at the last moment, leaving Traitor Harry to win the game and secure the entire jackpot.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other press, Jaz opened up about his game plan, offering advice to any would-be Faithfuls.

"You have to get the balance right at every single opportunity. Not be too quiet, not be too loud, and just sit back and observe. And as a Faithful, you have to graft, you have to work so hard. Being really hyper vigilant, listening to all sorts of conversations," he shared.

"And in terms of the dynamics of relationships, don’t get too close to people – it’s not a popularity contest – but don’t be so far away from people. Think about when and where you’re going to share information, and who to," he added.

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Paul Chappells - BBC

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He continued: "I had the game plan of just being a Traitor, and then I was stunned when I got told, 'you’re a Faithful'. So you have to adapt as well – I had to adapt quickly to become a Faithful, because my game plan was Traitor all the way. I wanted to go home, day one.

"Be ready for anything, and enjoy it as well. I know it’s really difficult to do that, but I had a constant conversation with myself where I said, 'you’re not going to get this chance again'. Just because you’re not a Traitor, really appreciate this opportunity. And that’s when I started to believe in myself when I found Paul, and I thought, we can do this."

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For further details, check out the full Traitors series 2 release schedule here.

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