The Traitors' latest banished player talks backfired plan

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Latest banished Traitors star talks failed planLlara Plaza - BBC

The Traitors series 2 episode 10 spoilers follow.

The Traitors' latest banished player, Ross, has talked about his backfired revenge plan on the companion show Uncloaked.

Ross was recruited into the Traitors by Harry and Andrew at the end of episode nine, but since he was secretly the son of murdered player Diane, he wanted to get his revenge and wreck them from the inside.

In a one-on-one conversation with Andrew, both Traitors shared doubts about Harry, but then Ross passed Andrew's concerns on to Harry. Unfortunately, it gave Harry ammunition at the Round Table, and both of Ross's fellow Traitors accused him of being a liar and helped seal his fate.

ross carson on the traitors uncloaked
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On Uncloaked, Ross was asked about his plan, and whether he even had one, by host Ed Gamble.

"The plan was to cause chaos in the ranks, have Andrew in my ranks and get Harry's name out there," Ross explained. "[Harry's] so solid, he's got such a sweet face on him.

"There was a plan but I had 12 hours to sort the plan out so I was trying to pit them against each other. I didn't realise Andrew was so cottoned that Harry was probably gonna murder him at some point. He's not the type, he's such a lovable, friendly giant."

ross carson on the traitors uncloaked
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"So I thought I really had to sway Andrew, that was the game plan," he continued. "But then Harry went straight to Andrew, and Andrew starting lying... Andrew gaslit me."

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Ross admitted that it was at breakfast, when Zack started relentlessly attacking him over the whole shield drama, that "I knew it was my last day, I knew it was before the whole "elusive" drama even kicked off."

"It made it more difficult to react in a genuine way... you just feel the energy in the castle turn against you," he added.

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Overall, Ross took it all on the chin, as he showed off a mug that has 'I'm not a mug... but Ross is' on it.

The Traitors continues tomorrow (January 25) on BBC One at 9pm, while Uncloaked follows right after on BBC Two. Both are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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