The Traitors contestant Mollie reveals what she first said to Harry after cameras stopped rolling

The Traitors series two has drawn to a close with a dramatic finale that left one contestant in particular feeling rather duped.

The second series of The Traitors, which will return in 2025, ended Friday (26 January) with 22-year-old British Army engineer Harry taking home the cash prize of £95,150.

Harry managed to outwit everyone by finishing as the only remaining Traitor in the group, having tricked his best friend Mollie into believing that he was a Faithful.

When Jaz voted to banish one more player, doubting Harry’s innocence, the final three contestants had to vote to banish one more time – and Mollie was shown to be on the fence about who to vote for. .

The camera zoomed in on Mollie writing the letter “H” on her voting slip before she stopped and mouthed to Harry: “Do you promise it’s not you?” to which Harry replied: “No.”

She then eliminated Jaz, who was a fellow Faithful, with Harry stealing the entire prize fund from Mollie, who fled the castle, devastated.

Mollie explained her decision on aftershow Traitors Uncloaked after the episode aired, stating: Deep down I probably knew, but in that moment I couldn’t do it,” and the next day, on Saturday (27 January), she opened up about what she said to Harry when she next saw him.

On BBC Breakfast, host Rachel Burden asked: “Mollie, the thing I really want to know is when was the first time that you saw Harry again after that revelation, and what was that first conversation like?”

Mollie replied: “I just called him a name and then we had a big hug. I think in that moment, you’ve got to just laugh about it, to be honest. I just said to him ‘Fair play’.

No hard feelings: ‘Traitors’ stars Mollie and Harry reunited on ‘BBC Breakfast’ (BBC)
No hard feelings: ‘Traitors’ stars Mollie and Harry reunited on ‘BBC Breakfast’ (BBC)

“It’s such a wild game, and I had the best experience ever, AND I’m not going to let what happened at the end take away from that.

Elaborating upon her reason for eliminating Harry, she added: “I’m quite an emotional person and I think the friendship just took over for me and I just couldn’t do that to him without fully being convinced he was a traitor, I just would have found that really, really hard.”

Mollie has also hit out at negative comments she has received online in the wake of the finale, revealing that she’s attempting to avoid social media.

“I’m obviously new to all of that so I’m trying to process it and get my head around it and I’m kind of trying to stay off socials a little bit because I think today is going to be a bit rough,” she told the The Mirror.

“But yeah, I’m hoping that it will pass. I think it’s very easy for the public to say that I was stupid and stuff like that but at the end of the day I’m 21 and I’ve got emotions – what could I do?

Harry took home the entire prize fund on this year’s series of ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)
Harry took home the entire prize fund on this year’s series of ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)

“I think people forget that you’re human when they’re watching it on TV, but we do all have feelings so people should be more cautious with their comments.”

The Traitors is returning for a third series in 2025.