The Traitors series 2 confirms final five contestants

claudia winkleman in the traitors episode 11, series 2
The Traitors s2 confirms final five contestantsLlara Plaza / Studio Lambert - BBC

The Traitors series 2 spoilers follow.

The Traitors series 2 has confirmed the final five contestants as the penultimate episode aired tonight (January 25).

After Ross was banished last night, remaining Traitors Andrew and Harry decided to murder Zack, as his death could be linked to Jasmine and he could have turned his attention to either of them.

the traitors series 2 claudia winkleman holding up zack's portrait

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At breakfast, Jasmine and Andrew admitted that they were probably at risk of going home next and, as people had their various conversations throughout the castle, everyone admitted their biggest suspicions were one or both of them — although Jasmine wondered if Evie (a fellow Faithful) could be a Traitor.

Meanwhile, Mollie admitted in a confessional that she 100% supported Harry and really hoped she was in the final with him, not knowing he has been a Traitor the entire time...

Soon the players were taken to a field with a giant stone monument, a circle of silent hooded figures in gold masks, and Claudia, who was wearing another iconic outfit.

the traitors series 2 claudia winkleman in a big black cloak with some hooded and masked monk types behind her

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After Claudia revealed that there would no shield in the task as there would be no murder, she let them to get on with the game and figure it out themselves. The players worked through a cipher puzzle, a riddle and remembered the order of the murders in order to add the full £7,000 to the overall prize pot.

But then there was another task within the task, as each player had to choose a sword to pull out from a stone. The player who pulled out 'the sacred sword' would be tasked with making "a huge decision."

Harry ended up getting the sword, and was asked whether he wanted to bag the £7,000 for himself or add it to the prize pot. In a confessional he admitted that he was tempted, but he needed to come across as a team player even more, so he could make it through to the end and steal the whole thing.

the traitors series 2 harry holding a sword that looks more like a dagger

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Everyone was very moved by Harry's choice, except for Jaz, who admitted in a confessional that he doesn't trust Harry at all but feels like everyone is so behind him that there will never be a good chance to bring that up.

Until Andrew, fresh from a conversation where he told Harry that he expects to be backstabbed, told Jaz and Evie that Harry's lack of suspicion was actually suspicious.

the traitors series 2 jasmine giving her goodbye speech

At the Round Table, Harry slid through without any suspicion, and Jasmine received the most votes, with one for Evie from Jasmine herself, and one for Andrew from Mollie.

That leaves the final five as Jaz, Mollie and Evie as Faithfuls, and Harry and Andrew as Traitors.

With suspicion now on Evie, the Traitors and especially Harry are in a really strong position. Will the Faithfuls manage to work it out and win the game?

The Traitors series 2 final airs tomorrow night (January 26) at 9pm on BBC One, followed by The Traitors: Uncloaked on BBC Two.

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