The Traitors set to return... as a Comic Relief spoof movie starring Suranne Jones and Jonathan Bailey

 (BBC/Comic Relief)
(BBC/Comic Relief)

The Traitors is famed for its mind-bending twists and turns, but the latest development in the history of the franchise is set to be its most star-studded yet: a BBC Comic Relief special, starring some of the nation’s biggest acting names.

Billed as an adaptation of season two, The Traitors: The Movie will air on Friday March 15. Suranne Jones (best known for her turns in Doctor Foster and Gentleman Jack) is just one of the names involved, and will don the ink-black tresses and trademark fringe of Claudia Winkleman. Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey will play Traitor Harry, David Walliams his fellow Traitor Paul, and Sally Phillips the fizzy rosé-obsessed Diane.

Jaz (Asim Chaudhry), Miles (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) and Ross (Iain Stirling) will also feature, as well as Catherine Tate, playing an amalgamation of Evie and Charlie. And Mollie Pearce, one of season two’s original contestants, will also be making an appearance as herself.

The question is, which plotlines from season two’s frankly insane 12 episodes will make it into the movie? The BBC has teased “Jazatha Christie being ignored, Ross’ infamous wink, Diane’s untimely murder and the Traitors turning on each other at the roundtable.”

“The Traitors is my all-time favourite TV series - I would be star-struck if I met any one of them,” Bailey said, of taking on the role. “I’m sure I am the first in a long line of actors who will play Harry in biopics. Actually, I want to take this moment to publicly apologise to Harry for what I’ve done.’’

“I’ve grown up with Comic Relief and every year I think I must do something, so it’s an absolute thrill to be cast,” Jones added. “I watched The Traitors and I love Claudia, so everything is done with love as I step into her shoes. The most important thing is we are raising money for really important causes.”

The Traitors has proved to be a smash hit for the BBC. First airing in December 2022, it is a reality gameshow with a twist: 22 contestants visit a castle in the Scottish highlands and compete to earn money for a communal prize pot. However, they must also work together to root out the potential Traitors among them, before they’re all ‘murdered’ one by one, in nightly evictions.

Season two also drew in record ratings, with 8m viewers tuning into watch – while 6.9m watched the season finale. It’s a massive hike from season one, where 3.1m people tuned into the final episode.

The Traitors: The Movie will air on BBC One at 7pm on Friday March 15