The Traitors star shares "craziest moment" that wasn't shown on camera

jasmine, the traitors, season 2
Traitors star reveals "craziest moment" didn't airBBC

The Traitors series 2 spoilers follow.

The Traitors star Zack Davies has revealed the "craziest moment" from the show that wasn't shown on screen.

Zack was murdered by the Traitors in the show's penultimate episode as a means to frame his rival, Jasmine Boatswain – a plot that was ultimately successful and led to Jasmine being banished even though she was a Faithful.

The two players had wrongly suspected one another throughout the latter part of the game, apparently leading to a confrontation that was too tense to air.

zack, the traitors, season 2

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Speaking to the Radio Times, Zack explained that his confrontation with Jasmine went on for hours and eventually had to be broken up by the show's presenter, Claudia Winkleman.

"There were two hours that weren't shown in episode nine when we were just going at each other and arguing and, like, swearing at each other across the round table and Claudia [stepped] in. It was intense," Zack recalled.

Jasmine added: "I do think other than that, I think we handled it really, really well. And it is really intense when your name does get called up at the round table, so however anyone reacts to that, like just the fact that you are just dealing with that situation is commendable enough, because it is really, really scary."

The duo previously spoke on Traitors: Uncloaked about how their incorrect suspicions of each other doomed them both, with Jasmine suggesting they "sowed the seeds to each other's destruction".

Jasmine has also blamed her inconsistencies in the banishment voting as another major reason she missed out on a spot in the finale.

jasmine, the traitors, season 2

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"I had no gameplan, it was just vibes," she confessed. "I think that was my downfall because I was wrong so much."

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For further details, check out the full Traitors series 2 release schedule here.

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