The Traitors viewers confused by change in series 2 finale

a person sitting next to a fire
The Traitors viewers confused by finale changeBBC

The Traitors spoilers follow.

The Traitors fans were left confused by an unexpected change during the season two finale, with many branding the decision a fire hazard.

The high-stakes game ended with Harry Clark being crowned the sole winner, however the episode apparently wasn't immune to the weather as the final ceremony - which included the contestants standing around an open fire - took place indoors this year.

"They moved the fire inside?! The smoke alarm will go off," one person noted on Twitter/X, while another concerned viewer wrote: "Why do they have an open fire inside? Aren't they all going to die from smoke inhalation?"

the traitors fire pit in series 2 finale

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"Health and safety must have been on pins with the firepit ceremony having to take place inside," a third added.

However other viewers believed they'd sussed out the reason for moving the fire indoors instead of having the scene outside like in season one, joking that it was likely due to the weather in the Scottish Highlands.

"They brought the firepit inside? Must have been raining," one person joked, as a second person added: "It's RAINING so we'll just do the fire pit inside. Love it."

Tonight saw the season two come to a dramatic end, as Traitor Harry was able to successfully evade suspicion from his fellow finalists and take home a massive £95,000 cash prize.

a person sitting next to a fire

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However Harry's ability to slip through the entire game as a Traitor proved to be too much for a distraught Faithful Mollie, as she left the roundtable in tears after the truth was revealed.

"I've just won £95,000. I feel I can breathe. I'm just me again. I'm Harry again," he said, joking to host Claudia Winkleman that he was "the best traitor in the world."

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For further details, check out the full Traitors series 2 release schedule here.

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