The Traitors winner Harry Clark 'refusing to take sides' in Charlotte Chiltern and Connor Maynard baby drama

The Traitors winner Harry Clark  (PA Media)
The Traitors winner Harry Clark (PA Media)

Harry Clark is trying not to get drawn into his former The Traitors co-star Charlotte Chiltern and friend Conor Maynard’s escalating feud, according to reports.

Last week, Chiltern, 32, shocked fans when she announced that not only is popstar Maynard, 31, the father of her “miracle” baby, he has been trying to “silence” her.

The met at The Traitors wrap party in January with Chiltern claiming Clark - who won the show - had been behind the meeting as he is dating Maynard’s sister, Anna.

“People want Harry to take sides and are getting annoyed that he won’t,” a source told The Sun.

They added: “Harry is doing his best to keep out of it, which is understandable - not lease because he is blameless in the situation. But he is obviously associated with both the show and the Maynard family.”

The Standard has contacted a representative for Harry Clark for comment.

It would seem that Clark is in a no-win situation.

Recalling how she and Maynard had met, Chiltern - who is currently pregnant with a baby girl - said Clark had “put pressure” on her to attend the party, while the Can’t Say No hit-maker spent the whole night “pursuing” her.

Chiltern - a recruitment manager from Warwickshire - had previously endured years of failed IVF rounds with her estranged wife Laura in a bid to have a child and believed that she was infertile before falling pregnant naturally with Maynard.

Conor Maynard has not commented on Charlotte Chiltern’s claims that he is the father of her unborn child (Getty Images)
Conor Maynard has not commented on Charlotte Chiltern’s claims that he is the father of her unborn child (Getty Images)

She claimed that while Maynard had initially responded positive to the news, he then tried to “silence her” insisting he wasn’t ready to be a father.

Chiltern’s former partner of seven years has since come forward to dispute her version of events and insists they were still very much together when she hooked up with Maynard.

“She went down to London for this wrap party - I read that she had been forced to go down - she wasn’t forced to go at all,” Laura told Mail Online.

“She was seizing this opportunity. I had a feeling something had gone on because she decided she would stay an extra day - which was obviously the night he got with this Conor Maynard which I had caught wind of as she mentioned to me he had a crush on her and she wasn’t interested - we were still together.”