Trans adult star Daisy Taylor reveals how her work opens hearts & minds — even of conservatives

Daisy Taylor
Daisy Taylor

The queen has spoken!

Daisy Taylor is having quite a remarkable year as a trans adult entertainer.

According to Pornhub, Taylor reigns as the world's most viewed trans performer for 2024 with 139 million video views. The star debuted in adult entertainment back in 2018, so she's certainly put in the work to reach her popularity today.

Pornhub's statistics come at the perfect time as International Day of Transgender Visibility is this Sunday and we're putting the spotlight on Taylor's advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.

"It means the world to me. Majority of people who are intrigued about trans people or learning about trans people are typically doing it from porn," Taylor tells PRIDE.

LGBTQ+ representation always needs improvement in all forms of media, but adult entertainment is typically the first time many people are exposed to transgender content.

"There's not a lot of visibility in terms of television or even on in the internet. I take it as a huge responsibility. If I am the first video that someone watches, I am very honored and I take that weight of being someone's first introduction into this world very, very heavy."

As the United States continues to introduce anti-LGBTQ+ laws and legislation that often targets the transgender community the most, Taylor says many conservative people have opened their minds after watching her videos.

"I see the messages. I see people who have said, 'I am a conservative guy. I'm from the South. You have changed my mind on this entire section of people because now I know that trans people are just normal people.'"

Not only does Pornhub's latest report showcase Taylor's popularity on the site, but it also reveals that boomers (ages 55+) are 16% more likely than other age groups to view trans content.

"It's not a shock to me in any way. Typically, people who are the front of the line [and] holding the pitchforks the highest and shouting the loudest are the ones who are engaging in the activity that they're screaming about. I genuinely hope that those people find peace and can just recognize my humanity."

Sex work is work, period and trans adult content continues to rise in viewership and serves as a resource for people to shape their minds on what sex can look like.

"We are the boulder that falls into the lake and the rest of the culture are the ripples. The things that we do totally affect people's minds and how they view trans people. I hope that it continues to open doors. Once we start showing trans people as real people in [porn], it's going to echo out there."

Taylor also acknowledges all of the pioneer trans women who paved the way for her and hopes she can continue the legacy for the next generation of entertainers.

"I honestly give all of the credit to trans women who have been here forever [like] Foxxy, Natassia Dreams, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Yasmin Lee... I can think of a million different names. If they had not come before, we would have never had this moment. I take the responsibility with high honor. I hope to just continue to pass it on. I'm excited to see the next generation and I'm excited to cheer on the girls who will continue this legacy."

Happy International Day of Transgender Visibility! To see the full interview with Daisy Taylor, check out the video below.

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