Transgender paedophile who dressed as woman to kidnap girl ‘is living as a man in prison’

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller, who won his victim's confidence by appearing to be a woman - POLICE SCOTLAND

A transgender butcher who sexually abused a primary schoolgirl after luring her into a car while dressed as a woman is living as a man in prison.

Andrew Miller, who was known as Amy George when he ran a butcher’s shop in the Scottish Borders, is serving a 20-year sentence for abducting the girl and abusing her in February last year.

He kept her captive for 27 hours and subjected her to what a judge called a “nauseating” ordeal.

The judge who sentenced him in October was told Miller was transgender and had been living as a woman for “many years”.

Lord Arthurson said Miller’s appearance as a woman had been a factor in the child agreeing to get into his car.

However, the paedophile is understood to have reverted to his male identity while serving his sentence at HMP Edinburgh.

‘There’s nothing feminine about him’

A source at the prison told the Scottish Sun: “Miller no longer uses the name Amy George and insists on being called Andrew. He dresses as a man, looks like a man, and there’s nothing feminine about him.”

Miller lost an appeal against his sentence in January. His lawyers argued the 20 years of prison, and a further eight years of supervision upon release, was excessive.

They claimed too much weight had been placed by Lord Arthurson on Miller’s transgender identity.

The judge said the abduction of the child had been “brazen and chilling” and that his victim would “obviously” not have agreed to enter his car had he presented as a male.

Once Miller, 54, took the child to his home he subjected her to an ordeal described as “nauseating in its level of depravity and criminal deviance” by the judge.

He initially claimed to police that he had treated the child in a “motherly way”.

Andrew Miller dressed as a woman
Andrew Miller dressed as a woman. He had been using the identity of Amy George for many years, the court heard

Miller was not considered to be sent to a women’s prison because of Scottish Prison Service rule changes brought in following the Isla Bryson case.

Bryson, previously known as Adam Graham, was initially sent to Scotland’s only women’s prison in January 2023 after being convicted of two counts of rape while living as a man.

Bryson was moved to a male prison following public outrage but has continued to present as a woman.

It emerged at the weekend that Bryson had claimed to be the victim of a “hate crime” while incarcerated by being called “son” by a female staff member.

The rapist is believed to have received an apology from the prison governor for the “misgendering” incident.

The Scottish Prison Service said it did not comment on individual prisoners.