Travel expert gushes over 'underrated' country that's short flight from Birmingham

Sailing yacht in the Crystal lagoon, Comino, in Malta (stock image)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A travel enthusiast has hailed what she calls the "most underrated country in the world".

She says the destination brimming with activities that won't break the bank, costing less than £500 for an unforgettable experience.

Hannah, a seasoned traveller who shares her globetrotting adventures on her TikTok account @hannahshols, is no stranger to uncovering hidden gems. She's provided her followers with a wealth of travel advice, from must-see spots to cultural etiquette, pricing details, and beyond.

Of all the places she's been captivated by, Malta stands out as her top recommendation. Nestled below Italy and hovering above Tunisia, this Mediterranean haven is a mere three-hour flight from the UK.

On a recent jaunt to Malta with friends, Hannah found that they could enjoy a lavish holiday without splurging. They spent just over £400 each for flights, a five-night stay at a hotel featuring a rooftop pool, breakfast included, along with baggage and transfers.

Her TikTok video showcasing their Maltese adventure went viral, amassing over one million likes. She enthused: "Malta is by far the most underrate country I think I've ever visited."

Furthermore, she remarked: "Even though Malta is the 10th smallest country in the world, it is definitely giving big country energy."

The clip highlighted Malta's allure, from its mesmerising sea views and bustling shops to historical landmarks and stunning gardens.

Reflecting on her September trip, Hannah shared why Malta left such a lasting impression: "One thing I loved about Malta was that it was like nowhere I'd ever been before. It's got such strong Arabic and Roman influences."

She concluded with heartfelt praise: "It was just absolutely beautiful and everyone we met just seemed so proud to be Maltese."

The travel content creator advises visitors to head to the capital city of Valleta. The group walked around the city most of the time, or travelled by bus which was "super convenient and cheap", Hannah said.

She added: "Just spend a day in Valletta, roming around, street dining, going to the boutique shops, wondering in and out of the gardens, seeing the cannons being fired at the saluting battery, and checking out the harbour front."

Hannah also suggested booking the Gozo, Camino and Blue Lagoon cruise. The full-day boat trip sets sail from Sliema and allows you to visit both islands in one day and admire landmarks. Hannah said it cost her and her friends "around £29 each".

Over 1,000 people rushed to comment on Hannah's video, with many agreeing with her fondness for the country. "I am from Malta and I am so happy that you loved our little island," said one local individual.

"Malta is stunning, I would go back in a heartbeat," added another. One other person commented: "Genuinely one of my favourite European destinations ever- never gets boring."

Another chimed in: "Omg I live in Malta, it's so underrated."

How to get to Malta

Air Malta, Easyjet, British Airways, Ryanair, and Jet2 offer direct flights to Malta from the UK. The most popular route to get there is via London Heathrow to Malta International Airport, in the capital city of Valletta.

Flights are also on offer from Bournemouth, Liverpool, Norwich, Belfast, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, and Glasgow.