Travel expert shares the month to avoid flying to escape holiday delays

Nobody wants to be hit by airport queues
Nobody wants to be hit by airport queues -Credit:Birmingham Mail/Darren Quinton

Go Compare experts have shared the best times to fly if holidaymakers want to avoid delays and cancellations.

Many people will be making their way to the airport in the coming weeks, jet setting away for a couple of weeks in the sun.

However, they run the risk of being greeted by massive queues at the check-in desk. Travel insurance expert at Go Compare, Rhys Jones, has suggested that tourists should try to avoid flying over the summer months if they want to avoid delays and cancellations - or even try flying from less popular airports.

Speaking to The Express, he said: "It's clear that the off-peak months are better for flight punctuality. The summer months are incredibly popular among passengers.

"This, along with unpredictable summer weather, means that airports are most likely to suffer from delays. But our figures also show that some airports are more punctual than others. If you can, try to fly from an airport which sees fewer delays to minimise your chances of encountering setbacks."

Go Compare say that the best month of the year to fly is February, with tourists facing an average delay of just ten minutes per journey. Winter in general was also found to be the best season to fly in, with November and January coming second and third respectively.

And while there are fewer people wanting to take a break in the colder months, a short break in the winter can also help tourists avoid huge crowds at popular tourist spots. On the other side of the scale, July was found to be the worst month to fly - with airport goers generally having to wait 24 minutes.

It's one of the warmest times of the year, while schools and colleges also break up for summer making it a prime holiday month. August was the second worst time to travel, with three per cent of all journeys being cancelled outright.

Best months to fly (airport with the fewest delays in the month):

  1. February - Liverpool (John Lennon)

  2. November - Southend

  3. January - East Midlands International

  4. April - Southend

  5. May - London City

  6. October - East Midlands International

  7. September - Belfast City (George Best)

  8. December - London City

  9. March - Southampton

  10. June - Exeter

  11. August - Teesside International

  12. July - Southend