Travel expert urges holidaymakers to do 10 vital things before jetting off - here's the checklist

A travel expert has offered advice on how to make your journey stress-free
A travel expert has offered advice on how to make your journey stress-free -Credit:PA

A travel expert has created a to-do list for people who are going on holiday. Andy Squirrell, chief commercial officer at Titan Travel, says you should always do the following 10 things before travelling on a short or long-term trip. The tips will help to make your journey stress-free.

The suggestions include vital document checks, making sure you know roaming tariffs for using your mobile phones and advice about travel insurance, reports the Daily Record. Read the full list below.

10 things you must do before travelling

Five things you must do before going on a short-term holiday
  1. Check roaming tariffs on your mobile phone and purchase a sim or credits before going abroad.

  2. Carry photocopies/and take screenshots of all important documents such as your passport, credit cards and driving licence. This will help in the event that your phone or luggage gets lost.

  3. Invest in some packing cubes and some luggage scales so that you can pack smart and light and to make sure you're not over your limit. Layers are best If you're touring all over.

  4. Charge your phone. With many people relying on access to boarding passes and other documentation on their phones, make sure that yours is fully charged and take a charger with you in your hand luggage.

  5. Withdraw some cash in the local currency of your onward destination as this is so useful for tipping and for emergencies.

Five things you must do before going on an extended period abroad
  1. If you're planning an extended trip abroad, it's worth noting that many destinations require at least six months validity on your passport from the date of travel.

  2. Remember, some places may require paper documentation for entry rather than digital copies on your phone, so it's always best to check in advance.

  3. Don't forget to pack extra medication for your entire trip and keep some in your hand luggage too, just in case your suitcase goes missing.

  4. Consider booking your holiday through a tour operator. They'll handle all the nitty-gritty details like airport pick-ups, itineraries, tickets, porterage and more, leaving you stress-free. Plus, you'll have financial protection.

  5. Ensure your travel insurance covers you for the entirety of your trip as some policies may be limited to a certain number of days.