New travel rule could bring change as three-quarters of Brits admit same habit

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Many UK holidaymakers like to pack their favourite home treats before a trip -Credit:Getty Images

New travel regulations could lead to a change in habits, as new research has found that the majority of Brits confess to packing food they can't live without for our holidays - including baked beans, tea bags, cereal and cheese.

However, many travellers find their favourite foods and beverages confiscated at the airport due to violation of travel rules. But with airports like Aberdeen scrapping the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage, this could prompt more food packing than before.

A survey conducted by Heinz Beanz, revealed that 72 per cent of UK passengers typically pack food or drink items they can't live without on holiday, with over a quarter -27 per cent - packing tins of Heinz Baked Beans. Findings also uncovered some of the most packed foods in British suitcases - and some may be surprising.

Explaining why they do this, 32 per cent say it's because these items are too difficult to source abroad, while a further 21 per cent say they remind them of home. Despite holidaymakers' eagerness to pack their beloved home comforts in their cabin bag, 24 per cent have previously had such items taken at airport security.

As well as Aberdeen Airport, Teesside International Airport and London City Airport have also axed the 100ml liquid rule. With UK airports required to to follow suit and lift the restriction by next month, jet-setters will soon have more space in their carry-on for their favourites.

Read below to see what other foods UK holidaymakers like to bring on holiday, as reported by Coventry Live.

Foods that Brits insist on packing for summer holidays

Teabags filling the image
Teabags filling the image

Tea bags (25%) Coffee (17%) Biscuits (13%) Chocolate (11%) Crisps (10%) Hot chocolate (8%) Cereal (6%) Crackers (6%) Cheese (6%) Cake (5%)

Research indicates that over a third of Brits are likely to pack food or drink in their cabin luggage as soon as the restriction is lifted, ensuring they won't be without their favourite snacks for a minute. As a matter of fact, 38 per cent admitted that they actually prefer to stock up on their beloved food and drink items in their cabin bag, due to fears of their main suitcase embarking on its own journey.

Alessandra de Dreuille, Director of Meals and Infant UK at Heinz, noted: "Here at Heinz we understand the fear of being without your favourite foods, even on holiday. Our research has shown that over a quarter of holidaymakers have packed Heinz Beanz when travelling abroad and thanks to the 100ml rule change that's soon to come into play for some UK airports, Beanz lovers can pack a can in their hand luggage, meaning they don't have to worry about the previous liquid limit, or being separated from their main suitcase."

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