I tried the 59p Lidl treat that sells 122 times a minute and can clearly see why

There's a Lidl product that sells 122 times a minute, causing the budget supermarket to beat Tesco in one department - the instore bakery. Lidl says its success is down to its changing bakery items and its bestseller - the All Butter Croissant.

I decided to go and buy one to see what all the fuss was about. And I can clearly see now. This is the big daddy of croissants. No messing.

This transported me back to a French holiday in the Loire Valley where we picked up fresh croissants every day from the boulangerie. It smelt amazing, was a perfect crescent shape and a really plump, generous size.

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Biting into it, the flavour was even better than the smell or look of it. It was seriously buttery - no need to add butter or jam. It was delicious cold. I ate half cold then heated the other half in the oven and added some jam. Fabulous either way.

Really crispy on the outside, it was deliciously fluffy in the middle. Sometimes you can cut into a croissant and find a big gaping hole in the middle, which leaves you feeling cheated. Not so from the Lidl bakery. There were no holes, or air inside, really solid all the way through but not at all stodgy.

Although more expensive, it made the multipacks of croissants pale in comparison. I can honestly say it's one of the best croissants I've eaten, including those in France.

The second favourite item from the Lidl bakery is the Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant. The supermarket sells roughly one a second, according to their first quarter figures. It costs 69p, so 10p more than a plain one. Covered with a sprinkling of chocolate drops, this has a rich chocolatey filling.

I thought it might be a bit sickly but it wasn't overly sweet and there wasn't too much chocolate, which was a good thing in my book. It was equally delicious and I would definitely buy it again. Other popular items include the Demi Baguette and the Jam Filled Doughnut. I will be trying them next time I pop in.