I tried the Hull deli that offers great value for money and some of the tastiest sandwiches around

Trinity Delicatessen
-Credit: (Image: Trinity Market)

Trinity Market in Hull really does have it all - but I went on the hunt for something a little different this week.

Situated in the centre of the market, Trinity Delicatessen offers what probably is the most affordable food-to-go in the entire market.

The deli prides itself on the fact that it supports fellow independent businesses, with Hull Bakery supplying all its bread and pastries for their butties, sausage rolls and pies.

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Every time I've walked by Trinity Delicatessen there has always been a queue, with today no exception.

The mains at the deli offer a more down-to-earth dinner spot compared to its neighbours - sandwiches, jacket spuds, salad trays, with snacks and drinks. Although the place does accept card, a minimum spend of £3 is needed and cash is preferred. With this in mind, I got a sarnie with two fillings (£2.80 + extra filling of 80p) and a drink to get me well over that threshold.

There were plenty of filling options; gammon ham, beef, and plenty of chicken variants. Alas, my luck was out the window as the last of the pastrami had just gone, I so settled on gammon and chicken. White buttered breadcake, mayo, no salad. The job's a good one.

Gammon and chicken sandwich from Trinity Deli
Gammon and chicken sandwich from Trinity Deli -Credit:Hull Live

Even at the really fair price of £3.60 - a little over the price of a Tesco meal deal - they were generous with the amount of fillings. Cold cuts meat was perfect for this warm weather as I tucked in on the new outside seating area in the belting sun. The meat combo went surprisingly well, though I regretted not getting the honey chilli chicken. The ham gave it some salt, and the mayo acted like a third filling.

At a fraction of the price to some lunch options - and just as tasty and filling - you'll hear no complaints from me. If you're after a bite in a food court, but looking after the pennies, it'll be hard to get a better value for money sarnie in town.

The Trinity Delicatessen is open Monday to Friday 9am - 2:30pm.