We tried 'one size' Oodie Sleep Tee on different body types

We tried the Oodie Sleep Tee on different body types to see if one size does fit most
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While most people have an Oodie for winter, the brand also make 'sleep tees' especially for summer.

Diversifying their brand Oodie's sleepwear is aimed at that one week in the UK when the weather is nice. While we are all hoping summer lasts longer than a week this year, when it is warm and stuffy it can be difficult to get comfortable, particularly when sleeping.

So we tired out the Sleep Tee which promises "one size fit most" to see it is does and if it keeps us cool and comfy.

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Emily Sleight said: "I’m a massive fan of comfortable clothing, and practically live in my pyjamas when I’m at home. I never managed to get my hands on a real Oodie for the winter, but when I saw the lighter Sleep Tees were available I knew I had to give one a try for the warmer months."

Originally priced at £69, the Sleep Tee has been reduced to £39 on the Oodie website. According to Oodie, the tee is designed for “napping and chilling on the couch” - what more could you want?

It’s made from a unique combination of bamboo fibre and elastane, making it soft and breathable. After popping on the tee, I genuinely couldn’t believe how soft it was.

I absolutely loved the edition of the pockets (which are very ideal for snacks) and the material felt so snuggly once I was in bed. I actually found myself getting quite warm, so I’d advise not to wear this in the extreme hot weather.

I’ve basically been living in this Sleep Tee since I got it, and know that I’m going to get lots of wear out of it. It’s perfect for lounging around the house, and its roomie fit makes it extra snuggly and cosy.

With a “one size fits most” the Tee measures in at 95cm long and 170cm wide, it’s recommended that you hand wash the Sleep Tee. I can safely say I’ve found my favourite new lounging outfit, and I don’t care if it looks a bit silly!

Rebecca Koncienzcy said: "I am around a UK size 20, which can mean anything from a size 14/16 to a 24 because sizing, right? But that also means I am very doubtful when a product only comes in one size.

"I was a little worried about the Oodie Sleep Tee, but I didn't need to be. When my 'space black' Sleep Tee arrived it was super soft and I loved the splashes of colour on the galaxy-inspired design.

"It is big, which meant it just slipped on and I was overjoyed when I found the pockets, perfect for popping your phone in for that all important TikTok lounging time. It was so comfortable and cool because of its thin and light material making it a go-to in the warmer months when you come home from work.

"But that also means you should take care if you pop the bins out while wearing it. In terms of sleeping, I thought the stretchy fabric allowed the Sleep Tee to toss and turn with me without disturbing my sleep like other nighties can.

"And while it says to hand wash, I didn't see that and threw it in my washing machine. But it came out fine and just as soft as when it first arrived, although I may stick to the instructions in future.

"I was impressed that this 'one size fits most' did indeed fit myself and Emily really well and Oodie is right, it is perfect for napping and chilling on the couch."

You can find out more about the Sleep Tee here.

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