I tried the 'outdoor Oodie' and it's perfect for a chilly spring morning dog walk

Popular cosy brand Oodie is known for its hooded blankets for inside the house, but now, they can be worn outside too.

The 'outdoor Oodie' is designed for rainy mornings, and promises to offer 'warmth and comfort' whilst keeping you snug and dry. I've been after a cosy coat for mornings where I just want to roll out of bed and walk the dog, and this one is perfect.

It features a hood for extra cosiness and big pockets to hold all your dog's essentials including treats, toys, and even a spare lead. Like the hooded blanket, the Outdoor Oodie is available in a range of different prints.

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They are available in two sizes ranging from S-L and XL-OOD. The Outdoor Oodie also features a roomy hood for extra warmth and comfort and big side pockets to hold your phone, snacks, drinks and more.

On the Oodie website, the full product description reads: "The Outdoor Oodie features a durable and water repellent outer nylon layer. The Nylon layer includes a subtle and stylish quilt pattern that’s reminiscent of a puffer jacket. The Outdoor Oodie is designed to keep you warm and dry even when the weather is miserable."

As soon as I slipped into this Oodie, I couldn't believe how unbelievably soft it was inside. It was warm, but not absolutely boiling, and basically felt like I was wearing a giant duvet.

Sometimes, all you need for a quick walk is comfort, and this outdoor Oodie offered just that, whilst keeping me dry in the process. I was a little unsure that the Oodie might look a bit ridiculous in public, but despite it being big, it just looked like an oversized coat.

If you want to be really outlandish, you could wear the coat with the fleece side on show, but I didn't feel quite confident to wear the greyhound zip through print in public just yet! The hood was really roomy, and the pockets were ideal for snacks and all my belongings.

I'd definitely recommend checking out the outdoor Oodie if you're a dog walker like me. It was so soft and comfortable, and great to just throw on.

Although limited stock is available, you can check out the Outdoor Oodie's for £85 here.

Elsewhere, Dunelm is selling this Teddy Oversized Blanket Hoodie for £16.

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