I tried a pizza cone in Hull - and left pleasantly surprised

Pizza, for good reason, is one of the nation's favourite dishes.

A little vendor in Hull's Trinity Market has made a name for itself serving up the Italian dish - but with a special twist, and pinch. Since moving to the market six years ago, Cone Queen has been reinventing the classic pizza design, by having it in a cone shape. In 2019, the stall was actually named the best street food in Yorkshire.

Hull Live went down to try out a special Pizza cone for ourselves.

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Cone Queen is one of the rare vendors to operate on Mondays and Tuesdays in Trinity, as well as being one of the smallest-looking units in the food court.

Walking up to examine the menu of the different pizza toppings, or filling, as someone who enjoys as much meat on a slice as possible, the Meat Feast was the obvious go-to - made up of mozzarella, chicken, salami, chorizo and ham for £8.40.

While the cone was being baked, I got to chat with the actual Cone Queen, Anna. The day I visited was the first day that the vendor has been serving up milkshakes, and we discussed which the biggest seller cone was. To my surprise, the Garlic Mushroom and the Volcone were big sellers apparently - although it is a pretty even split amongst all the different options - as were the different loaded chips.

With that, my pizza was ready. I was handed this cone, not too dissimilar to a Mr Whippy, it was quite perplexing getting your head around that it was not freezing cold ice cream, but instead a piping hot pizza.

I took a seat, and eventually a bite. The cheese oozing and all the meats in the first bite was exactly the pick-me-up a Monday needed. I was half expecting this to be one of the messiest bites to eat going, but the dough really held in all the filling. A few bites in you got the true picture of how much filling there was - it was absolutely stacked with mozzarella and meat - how a pizza should be, with none of that pineapple lark.

Size-wise, I'd guess that the pizza is about six inches rolled up - the equivalent of a personal pizza from Domino's. With all the contents it definitely filled me up too, something I was half concerned about. The Volcone I'd like to try next because Anna was laughing about how someone previously couldn't handle its spice levels, even though it's meant to have just a kick and not be a full-on challenge to eat.

As well as being named best street food in Yorkshire, Danny "Rate My Takeaway" Malin paid a visit during the pandemic days. Back in 2022, Danny gave it a 10/10, and I'm going to have to agree with the master connoisseur on this one.