I tried the new restaurant bringing Asian and Latin American street food to the heart of Grimsby

BARE Street Kitchen offers Asian and Latin American-inspired dishes -Credit:BARE Street Kitchen/Grimsby Live
BARE Street Kitchen offers Asian and Latin American-inspired dishes -Credit:BARE Street Kitchen/Grimsby Live

A new street food restaurant offering the best of Latin American and Asian flavours has set up shop in the heart of Grimsby.

BARE Street Kitchen opened in early May on Abbeygate and is the brainchild of couple Dale Brophy and Natalie Clark. Offering flavourful brunch combinations and an array of tacos and bao buns, the restaurant has been inspired by the couple's love of the street food they tried on their travels around the globe.

We headed down there on a sunny and warm Monday evening to try the delicious-sounding food for ourselves - and were so pleased we did.


After sitting down on one of the downstairs tables and being served our drinks, it was time to order food. The first thing I noticed about the food menu was the creativity of the name of each dish, and the huge variety of options available. I'd recommend choosing four to six options to share between two people, and maybe a couple more if you're absolutely ravenous.

We went for 'No You're Wrong Colonel Sanders!' which was described on the menu as Korean style double fried chicken, roast chilli and honey jam, pickled red onions and soy BBQ sauce and 'Red Belly, Yellow Belly', which was described as Hong Kong sticky red belly pork, chillis, toasted peanuts and sour mustard greens.

The food was delicious -Credit:Grimsby Live
The food was delicious -Credit:Grimsby Live

When you order, you're given the option of each filling being served in either a bao bun, soft flour tortilla or taco. For these two, we chose the bao buns - which I'd absolutely recommend if you order these.

We also went for 'Moqueca Mo' Problems' (chilli and lime marinated King prawns, coriander and coconut pesto with crispy onions and roast tomato jam) and 'Can't Get No Satay-sfaction' (Satay style tofu burnt ends, peanut sauce, toasted peanuts, caramelised onions and house pickles). We chose the soft flour tortilla for these two.

As we waited for our food to arrive, I couldn't help but admire just how amazing the place looks inside. It's evident that the restaurant has been a true labour of love, with the bright and colourful décor, modern and trendy furnishings and little touches that made it all feel very street food market-y, a theme which I know the owners Natalie and Dale were keen to recreate.

The restaurant was quirky and colourful inside and out -Credit:Grimsby Live
The restaurant was quirky and colourful inside and out -Credit:Grimsby Live

The food arrived quickly, and we dug in. Each dish was packed full of flavour, from the spicy kick of the belly pork and smokiness of the double fried chicken to the more subtle taste of the King prawns and Satay style tofu. Trying the food for the first time just reaffirmed for me how much work has gone into the restaurant - each dish had so many different elements, flavours and textures and it was clear that so much planning went into coming up with them, even down to the names.

My favourites were definitely 'No You're Wrong Colonel Sanders!' and 'Red Belly, Yellow Belly', with the latter probably taking the top spot of them all. I could have eaten about ten of them.

Still a bit peckish after the first four, we ordered another 'Red Belly, Yellow Belly' and decided to also try the 'MOLE! MOLE! MOLE!' which was described on the menu as shredded chicken mole poblano, pickled red onions, crumbled cheese house slaw and toasted peanuts, plus a side order of chips, which were just absolute perfection. Think homemade "chippy style" chips drizzled in oil and sea salt and left in the fryer for just that little bit longer - yum.

Because it was Margarita Monday (two margaritas for £10), we couldn't exactly say no to that. I can't say I drink margaritas very often, but I think it's something I'll be doing more of now. We both went for the mango flavour, and were very impressed.

My verdict:

I will absolutely be going back to BARE Street Kitchen to try the other options on the menu. It's a perfect food spot for those who are quite adventurous and enjoy trying new dishes, cuisines and flavours, and it's bringing something different and very much needed to the local food scene. The staff are also so friendly, and it's true service with a smile - which is always a lovely added bonus.