Trigger Warning: Netflix’s latest hit film continues undesirable review streak for Jessica Alba

Trigger Warning: Netflix’s latest hit film continues undesirable review streak for Jessica Alba

Fans and critics are tearing apart Netflix’s latest hit movie Trigger Warning.

The film, which landed on Netflix on Friday (21 June), has shot straight to the No 1 spot in the streamer’s Top 10 movies in the UK list.

Trigger Warning stars Jessica Alba as Parker, a US Special Forces commando stationed overseas who is forced to return home when her father is killed.

Parker takes over the family bar in her hometown, where she finds herself caught up in a violent conspiracy as she investigates the circumstances surrounding her father’s mysterious death.

Trigger Warning is currently the number one film in the UK on Netflix, sitting in front of Jodie Comer’s thriller-drama The End We Start From and 24 Hours in Lidl – a behind-the-scenes documentary about the supermarket chain.

Despite earning the coveted top spot, however, Trigger Warning is receiving dismal reviews from all sides, with both critics and subscribers criticising the action flick.

The film continues Alba’s unenviable Rotten Tomatoes streak of late. The actor, best known for films such as Honey (2003) and Fantastic Four (2005), has not achieved a score above 45 per cent in either audience or reviewer scores on Rotten Tomato since Stretch. The 2015 comedy, in which she starred pposite Chris Pine and Patrick Wilson, was well-received overall.

Three of Alba’s films in the last 10 years – Barely Lethal, Some Kind of Beautiful, and Killers Anonymous – have pulled in Rotten Tomato scores of less than 30 per cent. The latter pulled in a 0 per cent critic score based on nine reviews, and a 16 per cent audience score based on over 100 ratings.


Unfortunately, however, TriggerWarning will do little to remedy the problem with Alba’s latest film achieving just a 25 per cent rating based on 20 reviews. It has achieved an even lower audience score of 19 per cent.

Writing on X/Twitter, one Netflix subscriber said: “Trigger Warning is one of the most boring movies I’ve seen all year, but it’s also far and away the dumbest! A film seemingly made to justify Netflix’s ability to watch things at 1.5x speed.”

Someone else criticised the film’s writing, calling it “one of the worst script [writing[ in a while”.


“I watched Trigger Warning on Netflix last night,” said a third person. “I’m a fan of Jessica Alba but that movie is really bad.”

“Top 5 worst movie [sic] ever,” agreed another. “Total waste of time. That’s a review.” Meanwhile, others praised Alba’s acting ability and action sequences while still deriding the film’s plot and writing.

Some critics were less harsh than others, however, with The Guardian awarding the film three stars in a review titled: “Jessica Alba returns in solid Netflix action vehicle.”

Trigger Warning is available to stream now on Netflix.