Trisha Goddard hits back at 'cancer sob story' trolls after 'Dancing on Ice' exit


Trisha Goddard has hit back at online trolls who accused her of using a “cancer sob story” during her time on Dancing on Ice.

She became the first person to be voted off the ITV contest on Sunday night, but said she was proud of what she had achieved and was more upset by some of the abuse levelled at her on social media.

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Chat show host and TV presenter Goddard was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, and has been open about her struggles to overcome her illness.

But when she talked about overcoming her diagnosis and taking new opportunities on Dancing on Ice, she faced some cruel criticism from viewers.

Callous comments included viewers tweeting that there was “no need” to keep mentioning it and that she was “using it as a sob story”.

Goddard defended herself by telling Metro: “I just pray that nobody in their families get cancer. Seriously I think that shows problems within those people.

“I absolutely was using breast cancer - to raise awareness.

“I wanted to show other women that it’s OK to do stuff and be active and not feel like you’re going to fall apart. Cancer made me feel like I was going to be struck down and fall apart.”

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One of the things that Goddard wanted to highlight was her use of a pressure sleeve to combat lymphoedema, a chronic swelling condition that some cancer patients suffer from, and she incorporated the sleeve into her costume.

She also said that she wanted to address the mental health aspect of overcoming a cancer diagnosis and treatment which could leave people feeling low on self-confidence.

Goddard went up against ITV news reader Lucrezia Millarini in the series’ first skate-off, but the judges voted for her to be the first contestant eliminated.