Trooper Rescues Injured Cat From Busy Interstate in Phoenix, Then Adopts It

Recently released footage shows a trooper rescuing an injured cat from a busy interstate in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2022.

According to a post on the Arizona Department of Public Safety Facebook page, Metro Motors Trooper Patrick Stoner was working on Interstate 10 in Phoenix when he heard a persistent “meow."

After looking around, Stoner located a small injured cat hiding from rush hour traffic behind a cement barrier. Stoner coaxed the cat to him, and was able to pick her up, the post said.

The footage shows Stoner finding the cat, slowly approaching and making friends with the animal, then putting her into another trooper’s car to transport her to safety.

The post said the cat, now named Cheddar, had her injured leg amputated but has found her “forever home” with Trooper Stoner’s family. Credit: Arizona Department of Public Safety via Storyful

Video transcript


PATRICK STONER: I thought that was a cat. Come here, kitty. [KISSING NOISES]


See? It's OK. See? Please don't bite me. See? OK. Oh.


I gotcha. Mary seven fifteen, I have the cat detained.

Sit right there, watch the traffic. Let me know if you see any speeders, OK? I was sitting here doing LIDAR, and I heard "meow, meow." And I looked over, and it was sitting on the ground there. We're going to get you out of here, OK? You stay still.