Truckee Resident and Dogs Survey Property After Several Feet of Snow Fall

A resident of Truckee, California, jogged with her two dogs through heavy snow on the night of February 27, amid a National Weather Service (NWS) warning of a major winter storm for the area.

Videos recorded by Jenelle Potvin show her two dogs, Beverly and Bruno, trotting along a path flanked by walls of snow.

“We run together year-round, much longer in the summer,” Potvin explained to Storyful. “Bruno gets bad snow balls in his fur, which is the reason he is wearing a snowsuit and booties during the run.”

After a night of traversing through the snow, Potvin recorded videos of the ever-growing snowfall outside her home, as Bruno can be seen nestled in an armchair.

“I’ve seen crazy snow like this in 2011 and 2017, but it feels like we have more now,” Potvin said.

Local news reported on Tuesday morning that the heavy snowfall “has closed roads and schools and impacted ski resort operations at Truckee-Tahoe.”

The NWS office in Reno predicted strong winds and heavy snow, with whiteout conditions continuing until Wednesday. Credit: Jenelle Potvin via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hi, Bruno. Where's the backyard? Come on. Let's go. There's the hot tub. Hey, Bruno. Where's the house?

Where's the house? Good boy. Oh, there it is. Where's the shed? There it is.

A little backyard to her. That's our house, coming from the shed. Luckily, Jose and his crew just showed up and busted out all of this for us. They're amazing.

They cleared the hot tub. You could barely see it. It's ready. And now, they're working on the front yard. Got this walkway cleared.