True Detective s4 boss talks Navarro’s fate after cliffhanger

kali reis and jodie foster in true detective night country
True Detective season 4 boss talks Navarro’s fateMax

Spoilers for True Detective: Night Country follow.

As True Detective: Night Country has aired its season finale, creator and showrunner Issa López has shed some light on the fate of protagonist Detective Evangeline 'Angie' Navarro.

Played by Kali Reis, Navarro teams up with Jodie Foster's Chief Liz Danvers to investigate the disappearances of eight men from the Tsalal Arctic Research Station in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska.

In the season finale, which aired last night (February 18) on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic and Now TV in the UK, Navarro walked out on the ice, prompting speculations about whether she may be dead.

kali reis, jodie foster, true detective night country

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"I'm not saying that she's alive, and I'm certainly not saying that she's dead," López told Deadline when asked whether Navarro is a ghost.

"I very carefully crafted this as an ink block test for you to discover yourself as an audience member," she continued.

López explained that Reis's character has always felt an impulse to walk away from everything and her final scenes can be read as a resolution of that initial call, though she didn't shut down theories about the character's possible death.

"I do love that Navarro states very early in the series that she has this impulse to just walk away and leave everything behind. On the other hand, the entire series is an exploration of the fact that she feels a calling to the beyond," the showrunner said.

jodie foster and kali reis in true detective night country

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"In the climax of the finale, and instead of fighting it and going in with pain and fear, she surrenders to it. And in doing it, she receives a piece of herself. So that call that she was afraid of is solved," López continued.

"The Aboriginal people in Australia go and walk about, find themselves and then come back, which I think is what Kali embraced [for the character].

"However, there is a chance that she is also going to be with the women before her to visit them. You can read it both ways and it's up to you to interpret which one fulfills your heart."

True Detective: Night Country debuts on January 15 on Sky Atlanticand streaming service NOW in the UK. In the US, it airs on HBO.

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