Truelove's Lindsay Duncan admits she thinks 'about death all the time'

The actor stars in the Channel 4 thriller about friends making a pact to assist each other with dying when the time comes

Pictured: Phil (Lindsay Duncan) in Truelove (Channel 4)
Lindsay Duncan stars as Phil in Truelove. (Channel 4)

Lindsay Duncan has shared that she thinks "about death all the time" as she reflected on new Channel 4 series Truelove.

The drama follows a group of friends in their seventies who reunite following the death of one of their own, at the funeral they decide to make a pact to help each other pass on when the time comes. But the promise they make isn't without its consequences.

Duncan praised Channel 4 for making a show that has an older lead cast, admitting that often actors "are defined by age" as she spoke frankly about her own views on the subject of death.

"I’ll be honest, I think about death all the time. I mean, I didn’t wake up and think about it today, but I’m of a certain age and I think: how long? These questions do come up," she explained ahead of the show's release.

Pictured: Ken (Clarke Peters) and Phil (Lindsay Duncan) in Truelove (Channel 4)
Truelove follows a group of friends who make a pact to help each other pass on when the time comes. (Channel 4)

"But then, here I am, in this major television series at 72! That’s great, isn’t it? Working flat out, and with actors at the same age. That’s a very happy position to be in if you’re thinking about how long you’ve got."

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The series sees Duncan star opposite Clarke Peters, Peter Egan and Sue Johnston, and reflecting on their casting the About Time star went on: "A lot of material is youth-oriented, and we don’t see [a cast in their seventies] a lot on the screen, so this is great. Actors are defined by age in a way, because obviously we look the way we look.

"Although we are of a certain age, we still work with different generations all the time. Our lives don’t go in quite such tidy stages. It’s something that we can enthusiastically explore."

Pictured: David (Peter Egan) Marion (Sue Johnston) and Phil (Lindsay Duncan) in Truelove (Channel 4)
Lindsay Duncan spoke frankly about the subject of death by saying: 'I’m of a certain age and I think: how long? These questions do come up.' (Channel 4)

Duncan shared that "death is in the air" given the euthanasia pact made on the Channel 4 show, and she teased: "Friendship is there and also a reminder of an old love. In a very drunken moment, post funeral, a pact is made between the group about how to avoid having the end of life that their friend had which was grim and painful.

"This pact involves helping each other when the time comes. But how serious they are about this pact is questionable."

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The thriller will be appealing to all kinds of viewers, Duncan admits, and viewers shouldn't expect it to be aimed at older audiences just because it features a cast in their seventies.

"I can’t see any reason why audiences wouldn’t watch this, because it should appeal beyond the older age demographic," the Sherlock star reflects.

Pictured: Phil (Lindsay Duncan) David (Peter Egan) Marion (Sue Johnston) and Ken (Clarke Peters) in Truelove (Channel 4)
Truelove sees Lindsay Duncan star opposite Peter Egan, Sue Johnston and Clarke Peters. (Channel 4)

"There’s certainly a thriller element to it and lots of things happen during the show which are surprising, and that’s great. You’ve also got an interesting bunch of characters.

"It’s great writing, the sort which makes you feel the character as you as you’re reading it, and you’ve got situations which are great to explore. You’ve got friendship, you’ve got a love affair. What happens with that? You’re looking at long marriages. What happens then?

"There are things which are much more extreme and out of the norm of most people’s experiences. But that’s exciting and you’re surprised by what people do. It is not filming people in a care home. Far from it! It’s ambitious and exciting – some of it’s almost action. I think Truelove should have a broad appeal."

Truelove premieres on Wednesday, 3 January at 9pm on Channel 4, it will continue on Thursday, 4 January with episodes airing every Wednesday and Thursday thereafter.

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