Trump blasts RFK Jr. after attack on COVID response: ‘His campaign is falling apart’

Former President Trump took a swing at Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Saturday, after the independent presidential candidate criticized his response to the COVID-19 pandemic while in the White House.

“Don’t waste any Republican or Conservative votes on Junior,’” Trump wrote Saturday on Truth Social. “He’s one of the most Liberal Lunatics ever to run for office. He caused massive high energy pricing in New York and New England. He just admitted that he was actually OK with the Vaccine.”

“A Phony Radical Left fool whose poll numbers are TERRIBLE, and getting worse,” he added. “His campaign is falling apart, great dissension!!!”

The former president’s comments come a day after Kennedy alleged that Trump, along with his administration, violated people’s First Amendment rights by putting in place certain health guidelines to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The long-shot candidate said that while he believed Trump had “the right instinct” at first, but signaled he was “rolled” by the bureaucrats into imposing lockdowns and vaccine requirements.

“He caved in, and many of our most fundamental rights disappeared practically overnight,” Kennedy argued in his speech at the Libertarian National Convention.

“President Trump allowed his health regulators to mandate science-free social distancing, which undermined our First Amendment rights to freedom of assembly. We could no longer peacefully gather,” he added.

Trump has previously said that voting for Kennedy is “a WASTED PROTEST VOTE” and referred to him as a “Democrat ‘Plant.’”

“RFK Jr. is a Democrat ‘Plant,’ a Radical Left Liberal who’s been put in place in order to help Crooked Joe Biden, the Worst President in the History of the United States, get Re-Elected,” Trump said in a Truth Social post last month. “A Vote for Junior’ would essentially be a WASTED PROTEST VOTE, that could swing either way, but would only swing against the Democrats if Republicans knew the true story about him. Junior’ is totally Anti-Gun, an Extreme Environmentalist who makes the Green New Scammers look Conservative, a Big Time Taxer and Open Border Advocate, and Anti-Military/Vet…”

Trump is also slated to address the Libertarian convention Saturday, where Kennedy has challenged him to a debate.

“It’s perfect neutral territory for you and me to have a debate where you can defend your record for your wavering supporters,” he said in his request.

“You yourself have said you’re not afraid to debate me as long as my poll numbers are decent,” Kennedy continued. “Well, they are. In fact, I’m the only presidential candidate in history who has polled ahead of both major party candidates in head-to-head races.”

The Hill has reached out to the Kennedy campaign.

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