Trump introduces rapper Lil Pump as ‘Lil Pimp’ at campaign rally

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Donald Trump was joined by rapper Lil Pump at his final rally before election day, but called him by the wrong name.

The US president welcomed to the stage “one of the big superstars of the world… Lil Pimp”, during a campaign stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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He said to the crowd: “Does everyone know who he is? Do you know how big he is? Come on up here!”

Lil Pump, real name Gazzy Garcia, joined him on stage and said: “I’ve come here to say, Mr President I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country, you’ve brought the troops home and you’re doing the right thing.

“MAGA 20 20 20. Don’t forget that and do not vote for Sleepy Joe at all.”

After Lil Pump, who was wearing a Make America Great Again baseball cap left the stage, Mr Trump said: “That’s very nice, I appreciate that. Big star, big star.”

Election 2020 Biden
Election 2020 Biden

Joe Biden with Lady Gaga (Andrew Harnik/AP)

Mr Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden was joined by Lady Gaga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while his vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was joined by John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

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