Trump news: Wisconsin and Arizona last battlegrounds to certify results confirming Biden victory

Tom Batchelor,Joe Sommerlad,Oliver O'Connell and Alex Woodward
·2-min read

Officials in Arizona and Wisconsin certified the results of the 2020 presidential election on Monday, with the remaining battleground states finalising their vote counts for Joe Biden and effectively cementing the president-elect’s victory.

Details of Mr Biden’s new administration, including how his January inauguration is likely to pan out, have also been revealed as the president-elect readies his top team for office.

The president-elect will formally announce members of his economic policy team, including Treasury Secretary appointee Janet Yellen, on Tuesday, as Mr Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris begin receiving daily presidential briefings.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his legal team – including Rudy Giuliani, who presided over a conspiracy-filled hearing with GOP lawmakers in Arizona as the state’s governor certified the results – continue baseless claims of mass election fraud without offering evidence in court to back up their assertions.

Mr Giuliani appeared in Phoenix on Monday to urge Republican legislators to interfere with the election’s outcome, as he claimed that votes were “embedded" in voting precincts and voting machines had been manipulated and part of a conspiratorial scheme involving Hugo Chavez.

In one account of the president in the immediate aftermath of the election, an adviser described how he was like "Mad King George, muttering, 'I won. I won. I won'."

The president took to Twitter on Monday morning to urge US health regulators to “ACT QUICKLY!!!” to give a green light to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine as cases in the country continue to surge.

Hours later, the president’s latest and most controversial adviser to the White House coronavirus task force – Dr Scott Atlas – submitted his letter of resignation, days before his term was set to expire.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee is set to hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday to determine who will receive the first doses of a vaccine, following its pending authorisation for widespread distribution after satisfactory clinical trials.

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