After Trump's Sexual Abuse Verdict, Melania 'Will Stay Below the Radar as She Usually Does' (Exclusive)

"She rarely speaks out on his scandals," a source tells PEOPLE. "She turns her head the other way and moves on with her life"

Win McNamee/Getty From left: Donald and Melania Trump returning to the White House in May 2020
Win McNamee/Getty From left: Donald and Melania Trump returning to the White House in May 2020

In the wake of a jury finding Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll, expect Melania Trump to remain characteristically quiet.

"Melania knows who her husband is and will stay below the radar on this as she usually does," a source tells PEOPLE.

The former president is set to appeal Tuesday's court verdict in which a jury found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation after Carroll, a former Elle advice columnist, sued him under New York's Adult Survivors Act, which creates a one-year look-back window for survivors of sexual abuse to file claims otherwise barred by the statute of limitations.

In the verdict of the highly publicized civil trial on Tuesday afternoon, the jury also ordered Trump to pay Carroll around $5 million ($2 million for sexual abuse and nearly $3 million for defamation) in damages.

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The source tells PEOPLE Melania is unhappy with the verdict — but so far plans to refrain from speaking out on it publicly.

"She rarely speaks out on his scandals. She turns her head the other way and moves on with her life."

The verdict comes on the heels of another legal issue for Trump, who in April was indicted over an alleged hush money payment he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Like the Stormy Daniels allegations, the E. Jean Carroll verdict "is embarrassing for her and for her family," the source tells PEOPLE of Melania.

"But she has a good life and doesn't want to rock the boat," the source adds. "Her whole family has had a better life thanks to her marriage to Donald."

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The source says that Melania is discreet and while this verdict is different from some of her husband's other legal issues — particularly as Trump plans to appeal the decision — the scandal is not particularly surprising for the former first lady.

"It shouldn't be such a huge surprise for her," the source continues, noting that Melania "will weather the storm as she has done in the past. She has a son and his protection is her most important job."

In a recent Fox News interview, Melania expressed public support for her husband's campaign for the presidency, telling the outlet that she would like to focus on initiatives geared toward children if she became first lady a second time.

"Melania is truly interested in improving the lives of children, and anything she says or does in that capacity is how she really feels," a social source tells PEOPLE of the recent interview.

"But a life in the political public eye is not what she wants," the source adds. "It has turned out to be part of the whole situation she married into."

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As for believing her husband's arguments against the rape allegations and the verdict of the case Tuesday, the former first lady likely will have nothing to say.

"It's easy for her husband to say it was a witch hunt, but Melania will proceed with her life and move on," the source says.

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