Your move Abramovich: Chelsea FC owner upstaged as world’s newest megayacht spotted

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich's luxurious private yacht is the world's biggest - until this incredible vessel is completed that is.

The £400million megayacht, known only as "Project Azzam", will measure a staggering 590ft (180m) when it is completed, making it around 57ft (17.5m) longer than the Eclipse- Abramovich's current flagship vessel.

Stunned photographers captured the vessel as it was transported out of the 170-metre dry dock at German shipbuilder Lürssen’s yard- because it had become too large. The yacht, which was minus its bow section, was moved to a larger 220-metre dock so engineers could continue the project- rumoured to have been commissioned by the Saudi Royal Family.

'The photographers who took the pictures of Azzam were overwhelmed by the size of it,' Peter Seyfferth, from said. 'It is difficult to say at this stage but I think it will be a very elegant yacht and more interesting looking than the Eclipse.

'There appears to be a special propulsion system which should make it one of the fastest yachts out there. In terms of length, we think it will be around 180-metres which makes it longer than some cruise ships. If it has been commissioned for the Saudi Royal Family it is unlikely it will leave its dock very often.

"It is more of a question of prestige, to have the world's largest yacht," he added.

Firm details on megayachts are notoriously hidden due to confidentiality agreements set up between the builders and their customers. But they are known to have incredible security systems and it is not uncommon for them to be flanked by smaller yachts and submarines which help make up a billionaire's flotilla.

The yacht’s fuel tank will be able to hold a staggering one million litres while the owner will have to pay 50 of the best staff in the world to service it the year round.

When the yacht is completed next year it is most likely to be moored on the French Riviera- but there will be just two locations which can accommodate a boat of such size; Monaco and Antibes.