"We need to try and regenerate the place. Leigh town centre is falling apart"

Voters discuss a need for change ahead of the general election
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The general election is just days away with one Greater Manchester town hoping their vote will lead to a better future.

In Leigh, locals might not agree on which political party should be in charge but they all share the same feeling of frustration in the town.

“We need to try and regenerate the place. Leigh town centre is falling apart. We need to create jobs and a better place for people to live,” Declan said.

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When the M.E.N asked locals if they had seen any signs of levelling up after the Conservatives pledged to boost areas outside of the South East, all Leigh residents said no.

In fact, people said the town is ‘falling apart’.

“There’s been no investment in the last 20 years from anybody. Into infrastructure, roads and the NHS - we pour more money into the NHS as a service industry but it doesn’t provide a service. It’s shocking.

“We’re sick and tired of being promised things and then not delivering,” one man said.

When asked about his opinion on Labour and Conservatives he found both to be ‘disillusioned’.

He said: “These days they are all the same. I wouldn’t trust any of them. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to vote. I think most people are disillusioned.

“Okay we’ve had some tough times with Covid and the Ukraine war but generally speaking I just don’t think anyone bothers. We want a fair society and we just haven’t got it.”

Another local, when asked about his opinion of Rishi Sunak, said: “He’s a joke. He wasn’t elected by the people either. They’ve just jumped from one leader to the next and they’ve not been voted in by the public. It’s just a standing joke.

“The Tories promise everything until they get elected and then you don't see any of it.”

However, others find the Tories more difficult to judge. Gill says she doesn’t know if either side would have fared better over the years.

She said: “I think it’s been really difficult for the conservatives because of Covid and the war in Ukraine. I don't know if the other side would have done any better. I think it’s very hard to judge them. I know it’s been bad but it would have been bad for whoever is in power.”

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