Geordie Shore's Marnie is on the pull and Chloe rages... again!

After watching Tuesday's episode of Geordie Shore, here are some highlights.

First of all, Marnie – obviously Aaron has left as discussed in a previous article I wrote. But there's one thing that Marnie said and that was that she was considering pulling on a night out… See, if that was Gary or indeed, Aaron, she would go absolutely ballistic? But it is alright if she does it. It’s double standards and I don’t really understand how she can say that knowing full well that if it was Aaron saying he was going to pull, she would go mental.

It seems to be a regular occurrence me writing about Chloe’s rages, and yet again on the latest episode she was at it. To be honest, I think she knows she was in the wrong and has taken it on the chin. Chloe is a really nice girl and I guess it’s just her feelings for Marty that are making her be such an idiot! Marty initially claimed he liked her, but after a few kick offs he has decided that he doesn’t. I reckon he is covering his real feelings up, because those two really are two peas in a pod and they are so similar! You can’t instantly not like someone at all just because they’ve gone radge a couple of times, can you?

Onto my favorite part, Gary and Marty. The only two lads, sorry Nathan, that are left in the Villa! I have always seen Marty as like a mini Gary, but those two together seem so close and like brothers. They’ve had each others backs in this series and I do hope it continues. Thankfully though, Aaron is back next episode and Kyle a couple after that, so the number of lads will soon increase! Keemon!!

I hope you are ready for next Tuesday because it marks the end of Chantelle’s time in the house… Bye bye, kid.