TUI flight makes emergency landing minutes after take-off due to bird strike

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A TUI flight was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after taking off due to a bird strike, causing some understandable worry among the passengers onboard. TUI flight TOM800 had taken off from Newcastle International Airport at around 9:40am, but as safety precautions demanded, it was required to touch down at Manchester Airport.

Following their safe landing, ground crews discovered that the plane had suffered "some damage" during the incident.

All aboard were offloaded and placed in the departure lounge until a replacement plane could be sourced to continue their journey to Cape Verde. A TUI spokesman said: "We'd like to apologise to customers on flight TOM800 which diverted to Manchester Airport as a precaution following a bird strike."

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The spokesman continued: "Another TUI aircraft was sourced and the flight has now departed Manchester Airport and is on route to Sal, Cape Verde. We'd like to thank customers for their patience and understanding, and hope they enjoy their holiday."

A similar event earlier in the year saw a Jet2 plane destined for Glasgow having to make an emergency landing when it also hit a bird. That particular flight, originating from Tenerife South Airport, had to return to Spain after receiving a 'minor fault indication' resulting from the bird strike, reports the Mirror.

Spanish air traffic control said: "The crew on board the flight leaving Tenerife South told us they had been hit by a bird on take off and as a precaution were asking to return although first they needed to wait. When they landed without incident, runway timings had to be revised leading to some waiting."

A spokesperson for Jet2 explained to the Mirror: "Flight LS126 followed standard procedure and returned to Tenerife South Airport shortly after take-off on Wednesday January 3, after the crew reported a minor fault indication. The aircraft landed safely, and customers were transferred onto a replacement aircraft and flown back to Glasgow Airport."

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