Tulisa Released On Bail Following Ferrari Smash and Drink Driving Arrest

Forgive her for what she has done, ‘cause she’s young (Yes we realise everyone’s made that joke already, but it’s still good so just leave it, yeah?)

Yes folks, Tulisa has been released on bail following her Ferrari smash and subsequent arrest for drink-driving yesterday.


Yes, we know it’s not a Ferrari. Copyright: [Rex]

It comes after the N-Dubz chanteuse was held for 22 hours at Edmonton police station in North London.

The Mirror reported that after being breathalysed at the scene, The Female Boss told officers that, “I had it 20 minutes ago so I understand why it comes up” - so make of that what you will.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman later said: “Police were called following reports of two cars in collision. Officers and the London Fire Brigade attended. There were no reported injuries.

“One of the drivers, a 27-year-old woman, was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and was taken to an east London police station.”

Not the best 48 hours really, is it?

Somewhat predictably, eyewitnesses to the incident have begun to pipe up about the whole situation to tell us all what they saw.

It’s all very “WHAT A DISGRACE, I’M CALLING LBC!” so brace yourselves.


Tulisa and her car in happier times. Copyright: [Instagram]

An unusually irate man called Chris Reynolds told The Sun:

“I heard the engine roar. It was so loud and high pitched I thought it was a motorbike.

“Then an instant later I heard a huge bang and thought straight away: ‘Someone’s dead’.”

Chris sounds like a great guy to have in a crisis. Really calm and measured.

He added, “I was amazed no one was seriously hurt. I could see the couple in the other car looked really shaken up.”

“I was furious with the driver because someone could have been killed, then recognised Tulisa as I got to the Ferrari. I asked her what the hell she was playing at, but she just ignored me.”

We wonder why that was Chris? Could it be that she’d just crashed her car, potentially injured a load of people and was about to be arrested? AND SHE IGNORED YOUR HYSTERICAL WAILINGS WHILST THIS WAS GOING ON?! What a monster.

Another 'passer-by’ was able to give a surprisingly accurate blow-by-blow account of the crash, and was also able to let us all know that they’d seen CCTV footage of the crash for the pub across the road.

What an understanding landlord that pub must have, just letting a simple 'passer-by’ come into their pub late at night to watch CCTV footage of an RTA on their way home – and who says Londoners aren’t friendly!?


Always buckle up, T. Copyright: [Instagram]

Speaking to The Sun, the alleged passer-by said: “The car made such a noise when it passed the pub everyone’s head turned and then there was an almighty bang.

“The other car was hit side-on as it came off a roundabout. The Ferrari’s front end was badly damaged with liquid pouring from its engine. CCTV footage from the pub shows the Ferrari was being driven on the wrong side of the road.

“It also shows two people crossing the road at that exact spot seconds earlier. They could easily have been killed. The guy in the Saab was shaking at the wheel when I got there and his wife was also shaken up.

“They were both white-haired and elderly and said they were at the end of a journey from a holiday in Spain when it happened.”

A holiday in Spain? That passer-by sure has a knack for finding things out - is Angela Lansbury still in town by the way?


After crashing into Southgate Tube station via another car, Tulisa takes her place amongst the greats such as George 'Snappy Snaps’ Michael, who’ve crashed their cars into humorous places in London’s northern suburbs.

Well it’s basically just her and George now, but we’re sure we’ll come up with some more once we’ve had another cup of coffee.