Tulisa Says Her Druggy Image In The Media Is ‘A Class Thing’

Former X Factor judge Tulisa says her ‘druggy’ public image is ‘a class thing’, and that posher stars caught up in drug scandals get off lightly.

The 28-year-old singer spoke candidly about the court case that dominated the headlines in 2014, when she was accused of brokering a cocaine deal worth £820.

The case was eventually thrown out of court.

Talking to Noisey, the former N-Dubz singer claimed she’d been “dragged through the mud” due to class prejudice, and compared her case to that of Nigella Lawson, who openly admitted taking cocaine.

“There have been pictures in recent years of top celebrity females who are falling out of nightclubs with cocaine up their nose, or on the floor, and it gets spun into this ‘posh chick cool thing’,” she said.

“Whereas I just have an association with it, and then it gets proved that I didn’t do it, and yet I get absolutely f***ing dragged through the mud. You’d have to be blind not to notice it’s a class thing."

Tulisa added: "Just look at other celebrities out there, and see the difference in how they treat them compared to how they treat me.

"This is no disrespect to Nigella [Lawson] - I absolutely love Nigella, she’s amazing - but if you see the way her situation was portrayed, it was like, 'She’s amazing and she’s overcome everything’.

"But she openly admitted to doing cocaine, whereas I was arguing against even being involved in some being sold, and I was absolutely ripped to shreds regardless.”

So do the press really give poor old Tulisa a hard time because of her background? Tell us what you think.