Turner disagrees with Trump’s migrant comments, but says he’s the only candidate to ‘fix this crisis’

Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) spoke out against former President Trump’s comments regarding migrants on Sunday, saying he and the “American public disagrees.”

Turner appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” where Martha Raddatz asked him about Trump’s comments in Ohio on Saturday while campaigning for Senate candidate Bernie Moreno. Trump denounced some undocumented immigrants as “not people” and warned of a “bloodbath” if he is not reelected.

While Turner said he disagreed with Trump’s comments he placed blame on President Biden for the situation at the border.

“I think the American public disagrees with those, but I do think that people see that Donald Trump is the only candidate in this race that’s going to be able to fix this crisis. Joe Biden created the crisis at the border,” he said.

Turner noted that he was not present at the Saturday rally in Ohio.

Raddatz also asked Turner if he supported the bipartisan border package, which he said he did not.

“It would have codified Joe Biden’s policies allowing millions of illegal aliens to come in across the border every year. This process is a result of Biden’s executive orders, he opened the border and he has created the crisis,” Turner said.

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